# Bitcoin Design Mentorship / Payments :::info We are currently creating an open source guide for UI/UX designers and developers wanting to make payment experiences with bitcoin and would like to get your feedback. ::: ![image alt](https://github.com/peakshift/bitcoin-ux/raw/master/assets/img/tx-vending-machine.png) Learn about bitcoin in a 1 week mentorship program. [Get in touch](https://twitter.com/johnsBeharry) if you are a designer and developer wanting to learn about how to design bitcoin payments applications. We will deconstruct design abstractions for wallets and you'll learn how bitcoin transactions works, when to use lightning payments or on-chain, and the privacy implications that users should be made aware of, and ways to help them gain an acceptable amount of privacy when making payments. Through your participation you will also be contributing to the creation of a [Bitcoin Design Guide](https://bitcoin.design/). ## What will you learn? ### Bitcoin Transactions onchain can take a bit longer to confirm. This is because the transactions get secured by the entire network of nodes and miners that pass around transactions and verify the payments they contain. A common misconception people have about bitcoin is that it is anonymous. This isn't accurate because all transactions are public so anyone can see the movements of all bitcoins that ever happened going back to the very first one on [2009-01-03](https://blockstream.info/tx/4a5e1e4baab89f3a32518a88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b). Since the ledger is public so everyone can have the ability to verify the entire history of transactions themselves, we have to provide users with mechanisms to get an acceptable amount of privacy. You will learn about what kinds of transactions are suitable for onchain, and the ui features that a privacy focused wallets would rely on. ### Lightning Payments Just like Mobile Money, or Payment applications which are funded by a bank account. Bitcoin's Lightning Payments Network allows for faster and cheaper peer to peer payments. While on-chain transactions take 10 mins to confirm — lighting payments can be used for smaller, faster payments. Unlike bitcoin though, both participants need to be online for the payment to be facilitated. This definitely poses a problem for people with intermittent connections. Lightning Payments is comparable to mobile money, cash.app, abeg.app, or debit card. We will explore what are the differences between lightning payments and onchain transactions, its use cases and ideal user flows. ### Abstractions We came up with abstractions to help you understand the underlying technology of a bitcoin privacy wallet. 1. Account Scanning 2. Payment Requests 3. Contacts 4. Transaction Builder 1. Payments 2. Batched Payments 3. Recharging Spending Wallet 5. Recurring Payments 6. Pending Operations 7. Wallet Preferences 8. Wallet Communication ## Who is for? #### Designers Who are interested in making privacy focused bitcoin payment experiences. #### Developers Who may also want to learn about bitcoin through studying UI components, and techncial processes of bitcoin. ## Process It may be scary to deal with other peoples money when building financial software — the bitcoin blockchain is not reversible so if the user experience is not thought of carefully it could lead to funds being lost forever. This is why in open source and sharing ideas, and getting feedback from a diverse set of people is so important. This also gives us designers and developers a great opportunity to create experiences that can possivitly impact people globally in a collaborative manner. - Deep dive into how bitcoin transactions are created and broadcasted - Studying design abstractions for bitcoin payment UX - Exploring their privacy implications - Creating wireframes <small>*Here's a [presentation of the abstractions](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qIhzGTTFxwRZlvu33Fuwkv70YtJoj-tMHNmS_dt1n6M/edit#slide=id.gc6fa3c898_0_0) we will be going over. It's a bit technical now, but don't worry in the workshops the concepts will be explained in a way thats friendly to beginners.*</small> --- Please read the following before hand. - [Why design for bitcoin](https://deploy-preview-20--sad-borg-390916.netlify.app/guide/getting-started/why-design-for-bitcoin/) - [Technology Primer](https://deploy-preview-20--sad-borg-390916.netlify.app/guide/getting-started/why-design-for-bitcoin/) ## How to join? :::success *Get in touch with [@johnsBeharry](https://twitter.com/johnsBeharry) on twitter for the schedule.* :::