# QuickBooks Error 15271: Best Solution to Troubleshoot It **QuickBooks Error 15271** is a payroll-related issue that occurs when updating QuickBooks Desktop or its payroll features. The error manifests as a message stating that the payroll update was not completed and directs users to a file with an ".update" extension. Possible causes include a disrupted update process, incomplete download, or interference from antivirus or firewall settings. Failure to resolve Error 15271 may impact payroll functionalities. > Solutions involve disabling User Account Control (UAC), updating QuickBooks manually, and ensuring proper firewall and antivirus configurations. Using **[+1(855)-738-0359](tel:+1(855)-738-0359)** can be a solution for this problem and a quick one too ## List of reasons that can cause QuickBooks Error 15271 Addressing [QuickBooks Error 15271](https://asquarecloudhosting.com/quickbooks-error-15271/) involves troubleshooting specific to these factors, such as ensuring a stable internet connection, updating QuickBooks, adjusting UAC settings, and checking for interference from security software. * Interruptions or issues during the QuickBooks update process can lead to Error 15271. * If the QuickBooks update file is not downloaded or installed completely, it can trigger the error. * User Account Control settings may interfere with the update process, causing the error. * Security software, such as antivirus or firewall settings, can block the update and lead to Error 15271. * Issues or corruption in the Windows registry related to QuickBooks updates may contribute to the error. * Operating on an outdated QuickBooks version may result in compatibility issues and trigger the error. * Problems with the QuickBooks installation, including corruption or incorrect settings, can lead to errors during updates. * Issues with the payroll subscription or an expired subscription may contribute to Error 15271. * Corruption in essential Windows system files may impact the proper functioning of QuickBooks updates. **Read More :- [How Do I Fix Script Error in QB?](https://medium.com/@itzshith321/how-do-i-fix-script-error-in-qb-e690be6db78e)** ### A solution that can help in fixing the problem once and for all ### Solution: You can try turning off the UAC settings User Account Control (UAC) settings are a security feature in Windows that helps prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. Turning off UAC should be done cautiously, as it reduces security. * Press Windows + X and select "Control Panel." Click on "User Accounts." Select "Change User Account Control settings." Move the slider to the bottom to "Never notify." Click "OK." * Restart your computer to apply the changes. * Click on "Update and recovery." Click on "Recovery" and then select "Restart now" under "Advanced startup." * Click on "Troubleshoot," then "Advanced options," and finally "Startup Settings." Click "Restart," and after your PC restarts, select "4" or "F4" to start in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. * Turning off UAC reduces your computer's security. Consider the potential risks before disabling it. * Be cautious when running applications with administrative privileges. Regularly update your system and use reliable security software to mitigate potential security threats. ### Conclusion **QuickBooks Error 15271**, linked to payroll updates, poses challenges during QuickBooks Desktop updates. Addressing this error involves actions such as disabling UAC, manually updating QuickBooks, and ensuring proper firewall settings. Make sure you call us at +1(855)-738-0359 so that you can get rid of the problem.