# FCCI Tech: Publishing Open Source https://github.com/rantahar/google_takeout_email.git ## The Plan - Quick look at the code: Why should it be published separately? - Steps needed: - License - Readme / Documentation - dependencies - citations.cff - tests - Publish on: - GitHub - PyPI ## Creating the repository ## Building and testing ## Pushing to PyPI - Flit instructions are a bit behind. The steps needed: - Create an account on PyPI (I already had one) - In your settings, add an API token - It tells you what to add into .pypirc - Push to test PyPI: `flit publish --repository testpypi` - Check the package at test.pypi.org/project/google_takeout_email/ - Shows the Readme, a link to GitHub, license and other information - Push to PyPI: `flit publish` - Check the package at pypi.org/project/google_takeout_email/ - You can now install with `pip install google_takeout_email`