# How to Install a Ductless Chimney Whether you are looking for a new or replacement kitchen [best chimney in India](https://chimaniguide.com/best-chimney-in-india/), you will need to know how to install it properly and safely. In most cases, chimneys can be purchased online in India, where your choices will be much broader. Moreover, online stores will allow you to compare and contrast different products before making a decision. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the best product for your budget and needs. Here's how to install a kitchen chimney in India! First and foremost, you should check out the durability of the kitchen chimney you're going to buy. This appliance is durable and hailed as one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. It also features a complete metal design, which helps it score high on the durability scale. The chimney's 4.3 rating on online stores is indicative of its high quality and durability. As a result, it's also affordable for most budgets. Another feature that you should look for is a high-efficiency motor. The GE chimney boasts of a high-end motor, a sleek design and a soft touch control panel. The chimney's motor is equipped with a thermal overload protector, and the wires used in its construction are flame-retardant and mishap proof. This model comes with a 1.5W LED lamp, which makes it easy to use and adds to the look of your kitchen. The suction power of your kitchen chimney is determined by the size and shape of your kitchen. This measurement is often indicated in cubic meters per hour, and the higher the suction capacity, the better for your Indian kitchen. A suction capacity of between 500 and 1000 m3/hr is ideal for an Indian kitchen. As with any kitchen appliance, suction power is critical, so ensure that you check the suction power of your chimney. A poor suction can cause a health hazard. The Faber 60cm kitchen chimney, one of the best available in India, is an ideal size for small Indian kitchens. It is suitable for a two-burner gas stove. Larger stoves will need a bigger chimney, and a larger model will be necessary. Faber's chimney isn't fancy, but it will help suck out stubborn smoke from your kitchen and keep your counters clean. In India, the majority of kitchen chimneys feature a baffle filter, which is much better than a mesh filter. Baffle filters have several curves that let the smoke pass but restrict grease from escaping. These filters require cleaning every three to four months, but unlike their mesh counterparts, baffle filters are not cheap. You'll need to purchase a replacement after the filter is dirty. In India, a chimney is an important piece of kitchen equipment. For the best Kitchen Chimney in India, you must choose a product with higher suction power. You'll need a chimney with a higher suction power to handle the high oil content of Indian food. There are also many other considerations that you'll need to make when making your purchase. So, take your time when selecting a new chimney for your kitchen. The Seavy brand, for instance, claims to offer the best in chimney features and comes with a free installation kit worth 1200 rupees. The Elica chimney is a great example of an affordable kitchen chimney in India. Its sleek, urban design and effective Baffle filter make it one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. Elica chimneys are a good choice for medium-sized Indian kitchens. Besides, they also have LED lights for illumination, which is a major plus! Furthermore, the Elica chimney also features a Baffle filter that's easy to clean. The most common type of kitchen chimney in India is the wall-mounted model. These chimneys are located near the cooktop and use ducts to exhaust smoke outside. They filter the air before returning it to the kitchen. The kitchen chimney in India is also commonly straight, with a powerful suction and overhead storage space. With these features, you can easily install it in any kitchen, and your smoke will be filtered. A kitchen chimney in India can make cooking an enjoyable experience, and the installation will be easy and quick. While purchasing a kitchen [best chimney under 10000](https://chimaniguide.com/best-kitchen-chimney-under-10000-in-india/) in India, be sure to read reviews to find out what others are saying about the product. There are hundreds of different models available in India, and choosing the best one can be difficult. However, knowing the different brands and what they offer will help you decide which one is right for you and your kitchen. By making sure you select a high-quality kitchen chimney, you can be assured that you will have a smoke-free and grease-free home.