# AUNZ Carpentries Community Call ## Image Processing with Python: why, when and how to teach it A spotlight on new curriculum and activities across the Carpentries, especially for new instructors. [Image processing with Python](https://datacarpentry.org/image-processing/) is a new Data Carpentry lesson which introduces an open source toolkit for analysing image data and to solve genuine image analysis problems. Jacob Deppen and David Palmquist are two lesson maintainers who join us today to talk about the motivations behind the lesson and share tips on how to teach it. :::info - **Date:** Thursday 20 July, 2023 - **Time:** 2pm NZST, 12noon AEST, 10am AWST, 2am UTC [See in your timezone](https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20230720T14&p1=2) - **Hosts:** Nisha Ghatak (NeSI) & TBC - [**Zoom Link**](https://carpentries.zoom.us/my/carpentriesroom2) & passcode: 202020 ::: ## Sign Up #### Use the edit button :pencil: (menu bar top left) to edit this page. You can sign in with your github account. Please sign up to attend this community discussion below. Sharing an upcoming or past workshop? Please add the link to your workshop website along with your name. Attending as part of the instructor checkout requirement? Please add your e-mail address and the word 'checkout' along with your name. Participants 1. name, email, Optional: checkout/ workshop link / question for the speakers 2. (placeholder) 3. (placeholder) 4. (placeholder) 5. (placeholder) 6. (placeholder) 7. (placeholder) 8. (placeholder) 9. (placeholder) 10. (placeholder) 11. (placeholder) 12. (placeholder) 13. (placeholder) 14. (placeholder) 15. (placeholder) 16. (placeholder) 17. (placeholder) 18. (placeholder) 19. (placeholder) 20. (placeholder) ## Agenda ## 1. Welcome, [Code of Conduct](https://docs.carpentries.org/topic_folders/policies/index_coc.html), Checkout flags, and introductions, (15 minutes) 2. Guest presenters (20 mins) 3. Breakout rooms (15 mins) 4. Wrap up (10 mins) ## Notes <!-- Other important details discussed during the meeting can be entered here. --> #### Volunteer notetaker: (your name here!) ## Q&A Discuss the following questions in your breakout rooms ## Resources * [Communications Resource](https://docs.carpentries.org/topic_folders/communications/index.html) * [Link to host questionnaire to be completed at the end of call](https://forms.gle/N74pFuGkRLawpCHh7) * [Link to attendee questionnaire to be completed at the end of the discussion](https://goo.gl/forms/aNZhcVnq4iPAz4GE3) ## Announcements * Next AUNZ Community Call- Thurs 14 Sep 10am Perth, 12pm Sydney, 2pm Auckland 2am UTC [See in your timezone](https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20230914T02&p1=1440) * [Upcoming Carpentries Workshops](https://carpentries.org/upcoming_workshops/)