# What are Tattoo Fillers? Tattoo fillers are the pieces of tattoo art that occupy space in the body and help a tattoo fill in blank spaces. There are a variety of tattoo fillers available, from abstract shapes to wavy lines that bounce off of each other. Arrows are also very popular as fillers. When a single arrow is used as a filler, it can fill up a whole rectangle. In this case, the person chose a backward "D" shape, and used arrows as the fillers. ## Simple motifs If you want to add another tattoo to your arm, leg, or back, consider using simple motifs as tattoo fillers. Simple motifs such as a rose, spider, or butterfly are great for filling in empty spaces. They also look great with red or black inks. These fillers can also be placed under a previous tattoo. You can also use geometric shapes as tattoo fillers, which look visually appealing. This type of design can be done using black ink, and you can choose from different sizes and shapes. It's a great choice for anyone who wants a classic look and does not want to use intricate details. When choosing a design, it's important to consider the size of your tattoo. A small tattoo will be harder to fill than a larger one, and you can also use fillers to connect pre existing pieces. A tattoo artist should be able to tell if a tattoo is too big or too small. ## Negative space Negative space tattoo fillers are an excellent way to fill in spaces in a tattoo design. You can fill them with any type of font, including script or tribal. The negative space in a tattoo design can be the subject of the design. For example, a tattoo of a rose may be filled with pen strokes. Another popular negative space tattoo filler is black ink. It is used to fill in small spaces to create a more detailed design. The key to creating negative space tattoos is proper planning. Using a tattoo artist with extensive experience is essential to ensuring the proportions are right. Negative space tattoo fillers can range in size from small to large. Some negative space tattoos can be bold, while others can be subtle and elegant. They're a great choice for anyone who wants a tattoo without the pain of a full-body design. You can also create designs using negative space to add depth to an otherwise boring design. When used correctly, negative space can help fade a tattoo into the skin. It can also be used to create shading and implement 3D effects. A popular technique is to use dotwork with thinner needles to fade the ink into the surrounding space. The resulting shadows and space help the tattoo maintain its clarity as it fades. This style also has the added benefit of reflecting back the symmetry of the inked design. ## Letters Letters and numbers are often used as tattoo fillers to join designs. They can add an extra layer of meaning and make the other tattoos pop out more. Another popular filler is the skull. These tattoos never go out of style and can be drawn in a simple way without taking away the main pieces of the tattoo. Tattoo fillers can help tie together tattoos that are too large or too small. They can also add context. These ideas may appeal to you if you have an old design you want to change up. And if you have an existing tattoo, you can even reuse it as a filler. You can find different types of tattoo fillers, depending on your preference and the area of the body you want covered. The size and shape of these tattoo fillers will depend on how much skin the tattoo will cover. Usually, tattoo fillers are large and are used to hide flaws in the larger tattoo design. They can also simulate thick or crooked lines or shading. ## Numbers When it comes to tattoo design, you can use numbers and letters as fillers to help create a cohesive whole. They also look great when used around stars and other designs that are already on your body. This technique is also ideal for joining black and white tattoos. However, it is important to remember that the filler should be carefully chosen to match the original tattoo design. Since fillings are not the main characters, they tend to be small designs. They also don't often use color or shading. If you want to use color on your body, you can go for a small abstract design. You should consider the design of other tattoos before making a decision. ## Skulls Skulls are an iconic design used for tattoos. They have many different meanings and can represent many different things, from a symbol of death to a warning sign. The design is also a common filler in tattoos, and can help to create a more interesting composition. One of the most popular skull designs is the ram skull. This design is both masculine and badass. It represents knowledge, power, and wisdom, and is also a great choice for men with the ram quality. It can also represent a man who will protect his family until the end. If you are looking for a dark design to balance out brighter artwork, skulls can be an excellent choice. While they might not be as popular as other designs, they can help balance out any other bright design. They are also a good way to show off your personality. Whether it is a design from an ancient time, or one from the modern slasher films, skulls can add an intense, unique touch to your tattoo. ## Smoke Smoke tattoo fillers are a great way to add a little something extra to your tattoo. If you have a sleeve tattoo or are trying to fill in a space between two designs, these tattoo fillers can help you fill in the gaps and make them appear more solid and fluid. They look great on their own or can be used as part of a larger design. **[Smoke tattoo filler](https://pronewscaster.com/types-of-tattoo-fillers/)** are a popular choice for tattoos and are often combined with other tattoo motifs to create a unique design. Smoke fillers are typically white and placed against black tattoos, but they can also be reversed for a unique, interesting look. Smoke tattoos are also extremely easy to clean and care for. You should also avoid smoking while you're getting your tattoo, as this can affect the healing process. If you want to create a more masculine tattoo, you can incorporate smoke into it. The tattoo may include a hand holding a cigar hat. This design is suitable for people in their 30s and beyond who enjoy bold tattoos. Smoke tattoos are best placed on a visible area of the body, such as an arm or sleeve.