###### tags: `PublicGoods` # Public Goods Meeting, June 1st, 2023 ### Details Time/Day – 1pm ET (5pm UTC), every Thursday. Google Meet Link – meet.google.com/iko-moej-rxc Stewards: @coltron | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/coltron.eth), @Avsa | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/avsa.eth), @vegayp | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/vegayp.eth) :::info :information_source: If you have items that you would like to add to the weekly agenda, please message any of the Public Goods stewards (@coltron.eth, @AvsA, or @vegayp) through the messaging feature on this forum. ::: ### Agenda - A) General DAO News (Election Process, Large Grants) - B) Presentations (MetricsDAO, AestusRelay) - C) Public Goods Steward Nominee Presentations - D) Open space for additional topics --- ## Attendance coltron.eth, vegayp.eth, 5pence.eth, accessor, alisha.eth, alexandro netto, christian n, daniel hannum, hellensstans, limes.eth, maintainer, marcus (estmcmxci.eth), marcus AM, marina, max birge, megan fabry, tamara helenius, yungsb, 184.eth ## A) General DAO News @alisha.eth | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/alisha.eth) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/futurealisha) * [Term 2 Steward Elections](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/heads-up-steward-elections-for-term-2-of-2023/17172) * Nominations open June 6 -9 (3 days) | Election period is June 10 -15 (5 days) * Nominees need to receive 10k votes between June 6-9 to get on the ballot for a working group steward election Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements) * Before creating your nomination Snapshot vote, please watch the video walkthrough in the links below. * [Call for Nominations for the Term 2 Steward Elections (Q3/Q4, 2023)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/call-for-nominations-for-the-term-2-steward-elections-q3-q4-2023/17229) * [Steward Nominations — Meta-Governance WG (Q3/Q4 2023 Term)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/steward-nominations-meta-governance-wg-q3-q4-2023-term/17227) * [Steward Nominations — ENS Ecosystem WG (Q3/Q4 2023 Term)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/steward-nominations-ens-ecosystem-wg-q3-q4-2023-term/17228) * [Steward Nominations — Public Goods WG (Q3/Q4 2023 Term)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/steward-nominations-public-goods-wg-q3-q4-2023-term/17226) * Issues with snapshot submissions should be resolved - so please try again * As long as your wallet has a .eth 2LD + you've [Set a Primary name](https://support.ens.domains/howto/set-primary-name/), OR your wallet holds any POAP; then you can submit your nomination. * Reach out to @alisha.eth if you run into any issues :::info :information_source: Public Goods nominees should reach out to coltron.eth if they wish to share themselves on next weeks call: Use this opportunity for visability, introductions, etc ::: @coltron.eth | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/coltron.eth) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EnlightenedLime) * [ENS Small Grants](https://ensgrants.xyz/) are still open for voting - 1 day left * Public Goods is giving 1 ETH to 10 projects (Vote in [Public Goods - Round 9](https://ensgrants.xyz/rounds/27)) * [Large Grants](https://ensgrants.notion.site/Large-Grants-1900eb105c2f4eeb90dec42e468b19d0) submissions have ended - midnight June 1st 2023 (PST) * Public Goods WG may award up to 2 grants, with up to 50k each. * There are ~35 applications ## B) Presentations (MetricsDAO, AestusRelay) Marina | [twitter](https://twitter.com/queriesdata) & Alex Bell | [twitter](https://twitter.com/cryptofreedman) | [telegram](https://t.me/alexbell2) from MetricsDAO | [website](metricsdao.xyz) | [twitter](https://twitter.com/MetricsDAO) * **MetricsDAO** * MetricsDAO, an applicant in the Large Grants Round, presented and demonstrated their platform. * MetricsDAO focuses on web3 data insights, connecting projects and users with top analysts in Web3 for their data needs. They aim to be the central hub for open blockchain data and provide free and open courses to help users find the tools they need. The community has over 5k participants, with over 1k active members earning a living from it. Inclusivity is a core value. * Marina is core team, community, and analyst relations, and Alex is core team, leads marketing, and dao leadership * Discover more by reaching out and at the links below: * [metricsdao.xyz](https://metricsdao.xyz/) (with docs, socials, app) * [Whitepaper](https://metricsdao.xyz/whitepaper) * Discoverable public insights: https://metricsdao.xyz/app/challenges and https://legacy.metricsdao.xyz/showcase * Free open courses to enable anyone to have a blockchain analytics earning career: https://docs.metricsdao.xyz/education/education-overview * Stats: [link1](https://legacy.metricsdao.xyz/dashboard) & [link2](https://flipsidecrypto.xyz/LittlerData/metrics-dao-analytics-marketplace-through-the-magnifier-1A7FAJ) * @Tamarandom asked about MetricDAO's reputation * It included having a non-monetary, non-transferable token, slashing conditions, as well as exploring badge networks for more qualitative approaches. Team members had also built a tool 'badger' allowing for minting of badges which may form part of reputation systems Max Birge from AestusRelay | [twitter](https://twitter.com/AestusRelay) | [website](https://aestus.live/) * **AestusRelay** * An applicant in the Large Grants Round, AestusRelay shared a presentation. * Aestus MEV-Boost Relay is a neutral, non-censoring block relay for Ethereum proof-of-stake validators and block builders. * MEV (Miner Extractable Value) extracts money from the blockchain by organizing transactions and is considered a tax on ordinary users. * AestusRelay's MEV-Boost aims to mitigate the negative aspects of MEV and democratize it. * MEVBoost is seen as a necessary evil but also a public good. The ETH Foundation is actively working on solving the future of MEV. * AestusRelay has been self-funded and is exploring additional funding options. * @limes, @5pence, and @estmcmxci inquired about various topics, including benefits, attack vectors, issues, integrations, and features. ## C) Public Goods Steward Nominee Presentations **@estmcmxci [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/estmcmxci.eth) | [twitter](https://twitter.com/estmcmxci)** * Marcus has nominated for Steward of Public Goods WG * Please read the full [steward nomination from marcus](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/steward-nominations-public-goods-wg-q3-q4-2023-term/17226/2?u=184.eth) *(below is only a sample)*: * Marcus has been involved with ENS DAO since it began, and is a regular across forum & WG calls * Marcus [publishes bi-weekly digest](https://discuss.ens.domains/c/dao-wide/newsletter/72) of DAO-wide updates, has run various initiatives highlighting projects, coordinated with stewads on an ENSDAO irl event, assisted at other irl events, and is building multilingual, multicultural communities as part of a diversity initiative * Marcus has also written a [five point plan for public goods initiatives in the next term](https://hackmd.io/@estmcmxci/public-goods-q3-q4-mission-statement) **@Tamarandom | [twitter](https://twitter.com/tamarandom)** * Tamara helenius is considering nominating for Steward of Public Goods WG and shared a bit about herself * Came into crypto for philisaphy; where the concept of disintermediation struck like lighting * Working with [commonstack](https://twitter.com/commonsstack) (incl augmented bonding curve, cultural frameworks) for 2.5years. Also launching scrum methodology and more * In crypto since 2016 (formerly at google, sony music, and others), the building journey began in 2020 with a dedication into publics goods * Why choosing to run? ENS is a crucial public good. And one piece of many other pieces we need to support to build this disintermediated future. ## D) Open space for additional topics @vegayp | [ENS Profile](https://app.ens.domains/vegayp.eth) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/vegaypatino) * ENS is sponsoring a privacy event at ETHPrague * @vegayp has tickets - please reach out if you would like to attend ## Links [Call for Nominations for the Term 2 Steward Elections (Q3/Q4, 2023)](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/call-for-nominations-for-the-term-2-steward-elections-q3-q4-2023/17229) [Small Grants]((https://ensgrants.xyz/)) [Large Grants Info](https://ensgrants.notion.site/Large-Grants-1900eb105c2f4eeb90dec42e468b19d0)