``` ``` <<< Buildout.ai ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/v_/bk/xd/v_bkxdfoof4-mco1m2lik5_tgbm.png) **Welcome to the Buildout.ai support page.** If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please note us at procore@buildout.ai **Installation Requirements** :::warning You must have **admin permission** in Slack and Procore. :fire: ::: [TOC] # How to install the App? - **Install BuildoutAI App** from the Procore App Marketplace. [(Doc Procore Support)](https://support.procore.com/products/online/user-guide/company-level/admin/tutorials/install-app-from-marketplace) ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/3t/u3/ez/3tu3ezev9h2yhsr_pbnty854ch8.png) - Add and configure **BuildoutAI app into Slack** workspace of your team. 🎬 **Watch supporting video** {%youtube o7Eq4J2I5SM %} - Click [**Here**](https://slack.com/oauth/v2/authorize?client_id=481275489607.961051034438&scope=channels:read,chat:write,chat:write.public,commands,files:read,files:write,im:history,im:read,im:write,links:read,reactions:read,team:read,users.profile:read,users:read,users:read.email,groups:read,groups:write&user_scope=chat:write,im:read,im:write) to **install BuildoutAI app** in your Slack workspace. Make sure you sign in to the right Slack workspace. - **Open App directory (Apps)** in your Slack workspace, search for BuildoutAI app, and open it. ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/hp/b3/o5/hpb3o5ebjzzrncshzrsfy1fe3a0.png) - On the **“Home”** tab of BuildoutAI app **click the link to login to Procore.** ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/ct/th/y6/ctthy613omrwxyuk5b7hzfusa2e.png) - After successful login to Procore please **refresh the “Home”** tab in Slack and click **“Configure Projects”**. ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/ho/ij/pj/hoijpjegb1rg-pvq1da_x0s0e7w.png) - Open “Messages” tab of BuildoutAI app and follow the instructions to add your Company, Projects, and RFI managers from Procore. - Make sure you choose the right company where you installed BuildoutAI App. Make sure **RFI managers** you choose have **corresponded permission** in Procore. If you operate several projects in one Slack workspace, you can **add multiple projects** for creating RFI. In order to do this please push “Add new Project” and follow the instructions. ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/ei/xs/ic/eixsiczxog87dzsvaht4x-1imaa.png) - On the **“Home” tab** of BuildoutAI app you can see all projects and **settings you configured.** # How to create RFI? >Ensure that the BuildoutAI app is installed in accordance with “How to install the App?” section. - You can use BuildoutAI app in **any channels of your Slack workspace**. In order to start, you must add the app to channel once typing Inline ==**`/invite @BuildoutAI Bot`**== into the specific channel. - In order to create RFI in private space use “Messages” tab of BuildoutAI app. - Direct or group chats are unavailable for creating RFI in current version. **Create Draft RFI** Watch supporting video of the desktop version of Slac {%youtube tOK0TSkJ3Tk %} Watch supporting video of the mobile versions of Slack {%youtube KON7vVHeDMg %} - Type the message with the text of RFI and attache images or files into the message if you need it. - The project team can discuss and clarify RFI in the threads of the message. - Call BuildoutAI app from the menu of the initial message (use “More message shortcuts…” if the app is hidden) ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/ov/8k/gi/ov8kgiehj24i8xo59hd44bmrva8.png) - If you configured several projects when installing the app, first select the project. ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/zg/vn/x3/zgvnx3ficna5kh3dsfkjxwbnvba.png) - Fill in the necessary fields of Draft RFI form. “Subject”,” Question” and “RFI managers” are required fields. - The app places the initial message into the “Question” field. - The list of “RFI managers” includes persons configured during the app installation (“How to install the App?” section). ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/fe/_q/80/fe_q80-w82xy9otmoht1wotocso.png) - Push “Submit” to create Draft RFI in Procore. **The app places the link of RFI into the thread of the initial message.** ![](https://habrastorage.org/webt/fd/vw/zq/fdvwzqwe2nnqpbjxly6yklym7t8.png)