Mineral Physics Research in Progress 2017 ========================================= <div style="float: right"> ![MPG logo](https://i.imgur.com/K1sQ7pR.png) </div> This meeting is designed to bring together researchers from all areas of high pressure mineralogy & crystallography, mineral magnetism, molecular crystallography, computational mineral physics, geophysics and planetary science to encourage sharing of the results of recent research. We aim to allow early career researchers (including research students and post-doctoral researchers) the opportunity to present research in any area of mineral physics to an interested audience from across the UK, and to enable the development of collaborations between UK-based researchers in mineral physics. Schedule -------- In order to give participants time to travel to and from Leeds, the meeting will start after lunch on 1st November and finish in the early afternoon on 2nd November. The timetable can be found below. Time will be set aside during the first part of Thursday afternoon for strategic discussion. A PDF copy of the [timetable](http://homepages.see.leeds.ac.uk/~earawa/files/RiP2017/RiP2017_Schedule.pdf) and [abstract book](http://homepages.see.leeds.ac.uk/~earawa/files/RiP2017/RiP2017_Abstracts.pdf) is available. ### Wednesday 1st November **13:00 - 13:10:** ***Welcome*** **13:10 - 13:40:** Geoff Bromiley *The formation of metallic cores in terrestrial planets: novel, time-resolved, in-situ observation of percolation under extreme conditions* **13:40 - 13:55:** Marisa Wood *Sound velocities of fcc-Fe at lunar core conditions: result from ab initio calculations* **13:55 - 14:10:** Fred Wilson *Thermochemical solution properties of silicate liquids at extreme conditions and implications for the magma ocean* **14:10 - 14:25:** Nicci Potts *The lunar interior as a window into the early Earth* **14:25 - 14:40:** ***Tea*** **14:40 - 15:10:** Elisabetta Mariani *The rheology of bridgmanite analogues: implications for the strength of the lower mantle* **15:10 - 15:25:** Simon Hunt *Rheology of olivine and ringwoodite/spinel structures in Co~2~SiO~4~ and Ni~2~SiO~4~* **15:25 - 15:40:** Kiran Chotalia *Water, viscosity and mantle convection: the effects of weakening and mixing* **15:40 - 17:00** ***Posters*** (see below) ### Thursday 2nd November **09:00 - 09:20:** ***Coffee*** **09:20 - 09:50:** Richard Harrison *Magnetic microscopy of metallic meteorites: probing the magnetic state of the early solar system* **09:50 - 10:05:** Isra Ezad *Grain growth kinetics of ringwoodite and majorite garnet mixtures and implications for the rheology of the transition zone.* **10:05 - 10:20:** Sandra Piazolo *Making and Breaking of Minerals, Rocks and Planets: A Textural Perspective* **10:20 - 10:35:** Jack van Driel *Effect of pressure on shear coupled grain boundary migration* **10:35 - 10:55** ***Coffee*** **10:55 - 11:10:** John Wheeler *Stress and mineral transformation* **11:10 - 11:25:** Josh Einsle *The potential for mineralogical mapping through machine learning* **11:25 - 11:40:** Benedict Heinen *Solubility of water in Ca-rich perovskite under lower mantle conditions* **11:40 - 12:20:** Lidunka Vońćadlo *Ab initio calculations on and iron alloys at inner core conditions* **12:20 - 12:30:** ***Discussion and close of meeting*** ### Thursday afternoon Although not part of the formal meeting schedule, we have some activities planned that can take place during the afternoon, after the meeting. **Lunch** we will provide lunch (12:30 - 13:00) for anybody choosing to stay in Leeds in the afternoon and to encorage discussion after the meeting. **Strategic discussion** we have set aside space and time (13:00 - 14:00, and 15:00 - 17:00 if needed) to allow discussion of strategic issues of relevance to the mineral physics community. In particular, we are interested in scoping the possibility of establishing an atom probe tomography facility for geoscience in the UK. Please contact the organisers if you would like to see discussion of any other matter. **The weekly [Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics seminar](http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/research/igt/igt-seminars/)** will take place from 14:00 - 16:00 on Thursday 2nd November. This week Sami Mikhail will present a seminar on *The relationship between volcanism, tectonism, and atmospheric development on billion-year timescales*. Delegates should feel free to attend this seminar. ### Posters The poster session runs from 15:40 on Wednesday 1st November. **Poster 1:** Helen Chappell *The Structure of Naturally Hydrated Ferrihydrite* **Poster 2:** Chris Gregson *Novel microstructural analysis of slip systems in olivine and orthopyroxene* **Poster 3:** Joshua Muir *The effect of water on the postspinel transition* **Poster 4:** Philipp Prasse *Deforming salt bodies and seismic anisotropy* **Poster 5:** Ben Todd *Simulating the thermal conductivity of lower mantle bridgmanite as a function of temperature, pressure, and composition* **Poster 6:** Andrew Thomson *Storage of hydrogen in ringwoodite* **Poster 7:** Andrew Walker *Towards mineralogical models to constrain temperature variation in the lowermost mantle* Location and registration ------------------------- The meeting will take place in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds in the afternoon of Wednesday 1st November and the morning of Thursday 2nd November. Registration for the meeting is free, but participants will need to fund the costs of their own travel and subsistence. Participants need to register for the meeting. Registration has now closed, please contact us if you have not registered but still want to attend. We hope that all attendees will be willing to present their latest research either in an oral session, or as a poster. Travel ------ Those of you travelling to Leeds will find the School near the centre of the University of Leeds campus in an extension to the concrete brutalist buildings from the 1960s. Openstreetmap seem to make the best job of locating buildings within the University campus and [this map](http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=53.8057&mlon=-1.5557&zoom=16) should be useful. The main entrance is on the north side of the building and seminar rooms are on the same floor as the as the entrance, immediately behind reception. Further guidance on finding the right area of the University can be found online [here](http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/contact/find-us/). Further information ------------------- For further information please contact [Andrew Walker](mailto:a.walker@leeds.ac.uk) at the University of Leeds.