[Retour à l'accueil](https://hackmd.io/6UsEPX6_T3qoioWlDOT-BA?both) # Solid Workshop Pour en discuter, RDV ici : https://chat.lescommuns.org/channel/solid ## Ice breaker Chacun a présenté son schéma d'architecture sur des papiers A4 :::warning Ajouter ici la photo des différentes architectures ::: ## Présentation Solidbox Par Jonas. Solidbox is the storage (and other semweb) services that exist and is packaged by Debian. There is no LDP storage for Debian yet. There is no need to wait for Solidbox project, we can install where you like and then install LDP. The Solidbox project aim to make the process "all packaged" and make the installation more straightforward and accessible by the user. It's similar in concept to yunohost: Purely Debian on a cheap ARM box + zero administration. ## Présentation de Solid JS Par Samy. SoLiD. Protocol created by W3C a long time ago to redecentralize the web - as was intended originally. Node-Solid-Server on Express/Node.js -> Social Linked Data + LDP + WebID + WAC. Future of SOlid project :+1: Improve SPARQL in order to be able to query multiple ressources. A version 5.0 is scheduled for bug fixing and improvements. Solid is a specification - Solid.js is the implementation of the spec. An open source documentation has started. Standard in SOlid : OIDC (experimentations in progress - login is not fully integrated). links : [Solid](https://github.com/solid) [Node-solid-server](https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server) [Doc Solid](https://github.com/assemblee-virtuelle/Doc-Solid) (in french for now) [Web Component test](https://github.com/assemblee-virtuelle/TestsWebComponentSolid) ## Présentation de Startin'blox. Par Alex. Per market, there is only one place. The more network effect and application has, the cheaper it is to have new user. The biggest at some point is unshakable (GAFAM). If I start a new app tomorrow, I'm in the monopoly race (by design). Cooperation is the alternative. Startin'blox, create your own collaboration App in 1 click. A pool application can have more effect than they can have on their own. Pick the components (via HTML tags). Help developer to build interoperable app faster. We can build any type on look and feel on top of the technology. [Startin'blox demo](https://startinblox.happy-dev.fr/) Providing interoperable components only via html tags to interconnect with eco system. ## Présentation de SeViz Par Simon It's born a little time after Startin'blox. We work on the same subject in // 3 months ago, we start to cooperate. We agree on the essentiel that we can do cooperate : - Final stockage target : Solid - Application should be only compose of components (no other Javascript object) - Store/Redux/... is in webcomponents. - The webcomponents exchange mesages via Postal (messaging - it's not MVC or Flux, it's a new paradigm). All webcomponenents share data between each other. Besides those 2 cooperations, SemViz aim to have a json configuraion online which aim to build the application. Semviz has the particularity to be build via a template (scren is decomposed) and then the components are placed in this template. They commmunicate together. There is some components you don't see on the screen (2 of them at least are mandatory): - Store (connexion to the DB - Solid web component). - Router : take http request and look for # to communicate via Postal. SemViz is independant from Solid. Components can be developped via any technology as long as they respect the standards. Because they are compiled in a webcomponent, so SemViz understands it. It would be a nice future improvement to add specific CSS configuration to each component in order to have full access on the design. The standard is composd of template, html elements, custom web component,s shadow dom, import. The objecitf is to simplify at maximum when respecting the norm. A webcomponent is a html + style which needs to be use + js file which is the element to display (?). # SOLID Base Projet de Jon (@yala) de Transformap : http://solidbase.info/