'Calamus Plant' stated in the article, used as a love potion The calamus root was utilised by Native Americans for several purposes, including as a love potion (Miller, 1998). (Miller, 1998). Nevertheless, there is great disagreement regarding the meaning of the word 'calamus' in this context since Whitman's employment of the word is wholly metaphorical. Some have stated that it [references](https://styleyourname.com) a type of reed, while others feel it is a reference to an aromatic root. The title is mainly explored or used in the poem, Scented Herbage of My Breast: Regardless of the connotation, Whitman for and ultimate mentions the plant itself in hiding other references beneath. Plants are typically used as symbols for growth and fertility, therefore the plant might be viewed as a metaphor for these. Furthermore, the 'year' referenced in the line may indicate the passing of time and how growth and fertility are perpetually replenished. Whitman's use of imagery and symbolism in this poem creates a vivid picture of nature's cycles of life and death as he claims, "every year shall you bloom again, out from where you retired you shall emerge again" (Whitman 1860, 28.) -an example where his poem substantiates the idea that love provides the individual the freedom to die and be reborn through nature's metaphors. As 'For You Democracy' has shown that manly love and democracy have transformative qualities in bettering the society; the passing time, growing symbolised the plant's 'death and rebirth' also have transformative powers. In Zapata's (1998) words "this poem of 'comrades' surpasses every convention, all pledges to union by 'lawyers' and 'documents' as it incites an enthusiastic outpouring of solidarity and love. To a nation on the verge of civil war, Whitman, fighting his own internal problems, brings his preacher-on-a-stump oratory" (Zapata, 1998). (Zapata, 1998). On a different note, this verse may be related with a sexual undertone, or even be open for an interpretation where 'the chased leaves' represent non-other than sexual cravings. All these readings remain unclear because Scented Herbage of My Breast's (1860) hyper symbolism leaves the door open to any reading. Written by: [Name Style](https://styleyourname.com)