![](https://i.imgur.com/VXb4ub9.png) # WhitePaper # Introduction: This document describes the YouTweak.it project and presents the concept of implementing the service. # Goals of project: Creation of a radically new service that provides active communication between consumers of goods & services and producers (brands, production capacities). Formation of the global production ideas market based on Ethereum blockchain protocol technology. The decline of the world unemployment rate by means of the development of the market for paid production ideas and tweaks. Reducing the costs of producers to search, verify, optimize and implement production ideas. # Foreword: Production facilities (concentrated in the hands of world or local brands) are constantly looking for fresh ideas for the production of new goods and services. Today, according to the world practice, the so-called "unspoken information collection systems" are used to make certain decisions in the sphere of production. There are analytical agencies that automatically sort out the "dark" information about consumers'preferences through social networks (FB, Vk.com, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Linkedin ...) and display the "fruits" of their labors on closed Enterprise only markets of ideas (Idea Markets). Based on these decisions, companies produce certain products and services for consumers. The scheme worked without failures for at least 5 years, but with every year the quality of the primary information obtained by the described method falls, and today the situation is almost critical. The fact is that the user's first reaction to some kind of info event, suggesting a feedback, is always spontaneously honest, but when the situation is repeated, he unconsciously gives the opposite to first iteration answer (ie, deliberately lies) in order to check the result of his feedback efforts. Originally a person produced the best information. At the next iteration, the same 99% of users just gave a deliberately false answer - it's human psychology - "And if I click on another button?” The quality of information began to fall, and, consequently, the resources of producers were often used in high-risk areas, inevitably losing. In our opinion, it is the lack of quality manufacturing ideas that is one of the first reasons for the downtime of production facilities, high-tech equipment, creates all conditions for the death of business. In order to solve a problem of efficiency of the collection of commercially relevant information, the methods of removal became more complex. There were systems of ideas management embedded in CRM, corporate social networks and portals, social media marketing specialists were born, but everything again rested on the ceiling - the quality of information is steadily falling with each subsequent iteration. This, in particular, says the trend of creating thematic and technologically distinct from traditional social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter. This is an extensive way of developing technologies for the removal of commercially important information from consumers. The fact is that the paradigm of gathering information "into the dark" is the only possibility. Besides don't forget that robotisation and other high-tech innovations reduces employment all over the world. And soon we'll come to the stage where most of everyday used goods will be produced without help of a human. That is why humanity must be ready for this and must have technologies that provide direct access to robotised production facilities. Because we belive that we know our needs much better than any artifical intellect. # What is YouTweak.iT? *First decentralised ideas marketplace is secure and 100% reward guarantied ideas sharing platform on PoA Network engine* YouTweak.iT a international service that allows anyone to present an idea of improving, upgrading, optimizing of any product or service, or creating an absolutely new product to representatives of a particular brand directly or to the community of producers of goods and services. Thanks to the service we are developing, the end user will be able to directly influence his "consumer diet" by sharing his opinion or ideas with production brand instantly. Statistics tells us that only 1% of any creative community can create something really important and worthwhile, 10% will participate in the development of the product, and the rest 89% will only consume and nothing else. YouTweak.it creates a stable feedback channel "consumer-producer" thereby increasing the involvement of consumers in the process of fine-tuning and optimizing products and services. You can consume, realizing that you have no other choice, but it is possible to do it with the realization that everyone is able to openly influence the improvement of the product, the services and his idea will be heard. Everyone can leave a mark on history! After all, on YouTweak.it you can twist everything from computer game to fuselage of an airplane! Moreover, on the YouTweak.it site you can determine on the basis of closed voting the relevance of the proposed idea, check the idea on working capacity. Often the authors are eager to lead the work process to realize their ideas. Indeed, who better than the author understands how to make the product truly high-quality? At the same time, Tweakers may have sufficient competence to participate in the work on the idea, but for lack of resources they simply cannot afford it. The ideal option in this case is a startup within the company. Users can simply indicate the desire to work in a team and list their competencies when placing an idea. And for brands it's a excellent opportunity to build innovative startups inside company. To organize a real market of production ideas,YouTweak.it invites manufacturing companies (Brands) to become trusted accounting centers or witnesses(Validators) of YouTweak.it by allocating their own capacities (Full Nodes) or using our ForBrands SaaS solutions on the following terms: * Confirming the transactions of the YouTweak.it blockchain. * One full node is controlled by the founders of the project. * Major nodes of ecosystem are controlled by production sites (brands). * Validators Nodes can be controlled by the community of the holders of YTI tokens (Tweakers). Requests for the deployment of complete authorization nodes are accepted from the holders in accordance with the terms of KYC (Know Your Customer) and legal agreements or notary signed documents of deployment jurisdiction according to Terms of Trusted Nodes of PoA Network([more about Validators in PoA Network](https://https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL18vXSH8_7hQyP-Pa1nfBQUlo_qd8n1LP)). The YTI token holder community selects trusted holders from the number of submitters for the deployment of complete nodes by voting through our Voting Dapp. # The concept of service implementation: We use the **Ethereum Authority round(Aura)** consensus algorithm implemented in [PoA Network](https://poa.network) blockchain. # What is PoA Network? Am going to say that PoA Network project is the only possible way of expansion of public Ethereum solutions for the nearest future. It is the only implementation of Ethereum that can be solid foundation for [YouTweak.iT.](http://youtweak.it) More info at [PoA Network](https://poa.network) --- The transaction confirmation algorithm used by the system is an **Ethereum Authority round(Aura)**. It was first presented in Ethereum Kovan Network for security and confirmation time reducing reasons in march 2017. Kovan Ethereum test network is well known for it's stability and speed. > ˝The consensus in **Aura** requires a set of validators to be specified, which determines the list of blockchain addresses which participate in the consensus at each height. Sealing a block is the act of collecting transactions and attaching a header to produce a block.˝ **Transaction in the logic of the project** — Transfer of the encrypted message (Tweak)(in appoved format to fit the requements of each industry sector) by public key of the selected Brand (manufacturer) with or without the use of external distributed storage systems (**[IPFS](https://ipfs.io/)**) to the address of the manufacturer's smart contract in the blockchain YouTweak.iT. All transactions in YouTweak.IT are YTI tokens driven, so to send transaction you need some YTI tokens in your wallet. The minimum transaction fee is 0.001 YTI. **Confirmation of transactions** — the smart contract that received specialy signed transction (Tweak) verifies the data format and then the Validators write information to the blockchain about the successful receipt of the sender's transaction. Decentralized applications located on the full nodes of the blockchain, periodically poll the contract for the presence of Tweaks. In case of confirmation of Tweak's arrival, Dapp requests data from the Brand's smart contract and transfer access to Tweak to the profile service (executor) of the manufacturer. Information about the fact of obtaining access to Tweak with a timestamp is entered into the blockchain YouTweak.iT. The producer initiates a dialogue with the message sender (Tweaker) and, upon completion of the discussion of the tweak, places a note of acceptance Tweaker conditions, or other terms of the transaction. In the case of providing **Tweakers' reward** , the manufacturer must specify the address from which the remuneration will be sent (if using crypto currency) or the details of the sender and the payee. Tweaker confirms the fact of receiving a reward. Information on the payment is entered into the blockchain. # YouTweak.iT use cases: Service offers 2 main usage scenarios. 1. **Opinions Service** - Allows you to collect feedback on any planned improvements in products or services, KYC does not apply here. The authorship of the idea is not confirmed, the reward or initiation of consideration of the user's offer is not guaranteed. Allows you to test the idea on demand before it is sent to the manufacturer. 2. **Tweaks Service** - Represents the basic logic of the project, according to which, the author of each Tweak should be verified. We plan to use several KYC authorization solutions. Among them – Parity SMS verification and Proofofphone Dapp. ![](https://i.imgur.com/9RNDYSN.png) # Order of ICO YouTweak.it collects funds for the implementation of the project, research&development of the technology required by the service. For this purpose, founders decided to rise funds for the project implementation through Pre-ICO and ICO procedures on the Ethereum platform. We use a [Tokenmarket](https://github.com/TokenMarketNet) smart contracts engine. With [PoA Network](https://github.com/youtweakit/ico-wizard) based frontend. *Please check website for more information and **etherscan.io** for contract's code verification.* Tokens are emitted by a smart contract deployed in the Ethereum blockchain system automatically when ETH arrives at the address of the smart contract. Name of token: token **YTI**— **ERC20 token** of the participant of the YouTweak.it project. # Parameters of ICO: Soft Cap Pre-ICO — min 100 YTI Hard CAP ICO - 120 000 YTI tokens or 30 days, on ICO - soft cap – is missing. 1YTI = 0.0016 **ETH** for Pre-ICO and 1 **YTI** = 0.0025 **ETH** for the ICO phase minimum participation threshold - 0.016 **ETH** 15% of tokens emitted during ICO reserved by founders of YouTweak.iT # Terms of the Crowdsale: **Public Pre-ICO start** — **12.12.2017** (extreme volatility of GAS) paused till **13.12.2017** 23:00 GMT+3 — **finalization 31.12.2017 23:00 GMT+3** ***ICO Launch*** — **01.02.2018** — finishes at 23:00 - 01.03.2018 *All unsold YTI tokens must be destroyed at the end of the ICO.* **We need to collect 300 ETH, to continue our work on project and prepare to the next stage - PoA bridged ICO campaign(YTI es for PoA Network coins). So Total offering of YTI tokens this month is about 120 000.** # Attention! We decided to divide Main ICO campaign in two parts. # 1st Part - ICO Start — 01.02.2018 — finalisation at 23:00 01.03.2018 # 2nd Part - spring 2018 crosschained [Parity-Bridge](https://github.com/youtweakit/parity-bridge) enabled PoA Network ITO. # **Parity-Bridge** Parity bridge is a secure tool for transfering ERC20 tokens from any Kovan(PoA) driven blockhain to any PoW Ethereum blockchain. In our case it provides transparent delivery of your **YTI** tokens bought using **[PoA](https://poa.network)** to an any Ethereum Wallet(MEV, Parity,Metamask, etc).In our case it provides transparent delivery of your **YTI** tokens bought using **[PoA](https://poa.network)** to an any Ethereum Wallet(MEV, Parity,Metamask, Trust, Ledger etc). So you can join our worldwide idea's marketplace using just PoA native coins(official PoA Network coins.) # Bonuses of the Pre-ICO: There are **NO bonuses** for Pre-ICO stage exept YTI Token price set to - **0.0016 ETH for 1 YTI** # Function of the YTI token: The YTI Token is the identifier of the YouTweak.it project participant and is used in the project logic as a unit of account. Some ammount of YTI token may be used for transaction providing directly or throught convertion to ORC tokens. The YTI Token is not a security before the community makes a decision to give the YTI token all the attributes of a security by definition (Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) and its acquisition cannot be regarded as the fact of owning shares in the management company of the project. # Target audience and solving problems The main target audience is almost everywhere! From DIY enthusiasts, to topmanagers,young people actively involved in modern social projects (crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, blockchain technology), monitoring the development of communication technologies and forms of communication,students,housewifes,Inventors, garage-proffies, in a word "self made persons". Professionals capable of superficial analysis, users of job search services and Linkedin. The income level is basic, basic +, medium, high. All for whom access to the Internet has ceased to be a problem. Additional main target audience - Graduates of higher educational institutions, students and citizens, not so long ago started their labor activity and full of energy to change the world. Subscribers of the fan stations and channels of well-known brands. | Audience | Problem | Salvation | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | Basic and Additional | The absence of an open market of ideas, where the form of payment of an idea can be both money and participation in the process of its implementation. | YouTweak.it creates this market. It allows openly interact with corporations and the consumer society, makes sure that no one’s idea gets lost inside a bureaucratic corporate machine. It provides talented specialists with the opportunity to implement certain popular ideas using the ecosystem of corporations. *Startups inside the company*. |Production facilities (Brands, corporations)|Using the paradigm of searching for ideas "into the dark" with each iteration it becomes more expensive with less efficiency.| Using the **Brand as Method** concept, consumers will be directly interested in selecting and providing viable tweaks, which in turn will reduce the cost of processing a huge amount of data received from consumers "into the dark".| |Production facilities (Brands, corporations)|The cost of protecting business information is increasing rapidly|If you want to hide it securely, put it in the most prominent place! YouTweak.it is an open platform and offers a healthy competitive environment for brands of the right to implement one or another idea - Tweak Auction.| |Production facilities (Brands, corporations|The need to constantly increase customer ‘s loyalty to a certain brand.|YouTweak.it is a new way to increase customer loyalty to the company. The users trust the independent site much more willingly, especially since the principle of its functioning is the ability to directly influence the production of products and services.| |Basic and additional audience|The lack of opportunity for creation leads to the accumulation of destructive energy in society, which results in various kinds of protests and social actions.|YouTweak.it gives everyone the opportunity to change this world for the better. Creates a sense of involvement in world technological progress. Relieves social tension. Helps talented people settle for an interesting job, or rather create a job for themselves in a large company.| --- # Review of existing solutions: **Crowdsourcing.** The manufacturers have turned to the concept of crowdsourcing,introduced in 2006, realizing that the extensive way of developing methods of capturing commercially important information, though it brings tremendous results, still has a growth limit due to the need to search for new ideas for various kinds of startups in the field of human communications. Within the framework of this model, the producer somehow turns to the consumer face to face and says - "Our company has a problem. We ask the community to solve it. " Everything seems to be cool. The community at the very least solves the problem by using brainstorming or simply by providing a set of solutions from which the best or the most acceptable one is then selected in the bowels of the company, or in general, the company tests its own version of the solution for applicability (this remains a mystery... But this approach, in our opinion, has one fundamental drawback: the initiative comes down from the top and often works in a narrow circle of people already involved in the production process or it goes to the participants who came simply to earn their profit. That is, in essence, this approach does not differ from the temporary hiring of a large number of employees to work for a company, although it's different - these crowdsourcers do not need to pay taxes, they do not need to book, make out, pay insurance etc. It turns out that crowdsourcing for enterprises is a way to reduce the cost of labor, and cheap will never be the best...And those people who "peck" at the proposed profits will provide information on the quality of almost identical to the information collected by other methods, or even worse. I'd guess that it's for this reason that the leader of the market for crowdsourcing solutions for enterprises of the company Spigit (www.spigit.com) for 6 years cannot get out that in profit, but at least to zero. In 2012, having $ 39 million in losses at $ 42 million, they started distributing one of their products almost free of charge (model freemium) in the hope of attracting customers to the service. And they were absorbed by the company Mindjet just before the bankruptcy. By April 2013 (according to Gartner), 90% of the social crowdsourcing initiatives of corporations over the past 2 years have not brought commercial benefits. Another serious argument against the use of crowdsourcing is that almost always in the crowd of people, even if consisting entirely of professionals, there is a so-called herd feeling that reduces the intellectual potential of the crowd to nothing. The most surprising is that even a rigid and formalized goal-setting, raising the importance of joint problem solving, helps to concentrate the energy of a large number of people to something constructive only in part. **Quirky(dot)com** Perhaps the only project to date that does not rely on the concept of crowdsourcing and, at the same time, organizes people to display creative individuality in the sphere of mass production is the American startup Quirky (www.quirky.com). They select ideas for the production of everyday goods. The rating of the idea is determined by the number of voted users of the site,then the selection is held by specialists (offline). They own production areas(China). **Motivation system**: 10% of the profit from direct sales through the site or resellers (Best Buy, Target ... networks) to the author. Plus, for everyone involved in the selection, improvement and withdrawal of the product to the market - another 10% (divided into all) (there may be thousands of them ...). Found in 2009, New York. Founder — Ben Kaufmann. Pluses: well-established technological process, cooperation with networks, a large audience of the site, simplicity, understandability. **Minuses**: own technological platform - there are all risks in case of doubtfulincome (for several years the only product has been developed which is sold by chance - electric extension cord of any shape (Pivot Power)). There is another minus - the impossibility of creating on the platform anything really high-tech without additional investment. There is no possibility to slightly change the existing product on the market - each product is created from the very beginning. Limited aim audience is a narrow segment of consumers, mainly from the world of DIY. **Ahhha(dot)com** Worked a year and died... **Probable causes of death:** a fundamental miscalculation - all the ideas posted on the resource, whether patented or not, became the property of Ahhha. Initially, the creators did not have a concept where to put these ideas, but they loaded the material all the time. By and large, it's not entirely honest - to give a pen and paper to a person, and then to say that everything he wrote is mine, and to you as a gift there is a carrot in the future (what if it does not shoot?). Startup from Palo Alto, California. # Business model of the project. The main option of using the service is the transfer of own production ideas to the selected manufacturer for a fee. Use case YouTweak.it assumes the following system of receiving certain benefits in return for the given idea: 1. Query by Tweaker of a certain amount of remuneration with the manufacturer's readiness to realize Tweak. 2. Readiness of Tweaker to participate in the implementation of the idea on the side of the manufacturer (participation in the so-called start-up within the company). In this example, the manufacturer employs Tweaker. 3. Altruistic motives of Tweaker, where the only condition is mention of the name of the author of the idea under mutual agreement of both sides: Tweaker and manufacturer. 4. Uncertainty of Tweaker. In this case, the Tweaks fall into the auction section of the Tweak Auction service. With the help of this service, access to the content of Tweak is provided to all participatingcompanies (brands), the date and time of the auction is assigned and the initial price of a Tweak is set. The revenue part of the project is formed by 1% of the commission from Tweaker's remuneration in the first case, and 1.5% of the commission when conducting Tweak Auction. The commission is retained by the service in automatic mode when remuneration is transferred to the personal wallet of Tweaker. All calculations in the system occur with the use of Waves, ETH, BTC, YTI or fiat currencies. # Glossary. **Tweaker** — **KYC** authorized user of YouTweak.iT **Brand(s)** — a company amassing production capacity (node-validator of transactions) **Tweak** — idea, placed by Tweaker on the service. It is a document formalized for each particular industry, encrypted with the public key of the selected Brand, available through the IPFS protocol. In terms of blockchain – specialy singed transaction. A **sign of interest** is a choice of conditions for the provision of ideas to the brand. Possible profit of Tweaker in accordance with the logic of the service. **Tweakers Id** — way to uniquely identify Tweaker (login, public key or hash, wallet address) **Cotweaker** — co-author of the Tweak. **Retweak** — re-installation of the archive Tweak (with changes) **Tweak Auction** — system of closed auctions for the right to implement a particular tweak. Is held between brands, with uncertainty from the side of the tweaker.