## An open letter from me. #### To everyone who purchased Unify, I took on Unify intention of fixing as many things as I could. I did not take full ownership of Unify nor do I want to, it is still fully iRealSMS’s tweak. I provided the fixes at no extra cost to the user so please know that if you bought Unify prior to my update then you automatically got access to Unify X and if you bought Unify X you got access to the prior version which is also on BigBoss. Despite the constant messages for ETAs and other unrelated spam I kept going, I ignored all the hate and toxic messages and tried my best to fix as many issues as I could and I ended up fixing every single issue I could recreate on my iPhone 6s on 10.2 and my iPhone 7 on 10.1.1 with the exception of PriorityHub, which is still only a beta, and ColorBanners 2 support as mentioned in other posts. So I released part one of my update. Which received mixed reviews. Many were happy about my efforts and found themselves with a perfectly functioning Unify. But some, not so much and were still experiencing issues. And so in frustration took to the subreddit and posted about it and at no time actually emailing me or filing a bug report on the Unify Issues github repo I created. The emails and messages I did receive were just “It’s not working” or in worse cases just plain rude hate mail. I wished my unify updates to be a simple update like any other package, however SpiritOfLogic wished it to be released as Unify X. I had been referring to it as Unify 2 because it was going to be a fairly large overhaul. I spent over a month working on it to ensure it was as good as I could get it. And so my part 1 was released under Unify X. SpiritOfLogic is the owner of Unify and I only provided code assistance. That is all. So as a result after part 2 is released I will no longer be continuing with Unify. My body literally cannot handle the unnecessary stress, pressure and negativity I’ve been receiving. So of course I created this rant on the subject. I’m not very good at explaining things but I wanted to try my best at putting my mind on paper, or in this case mainly LCD screens. I hope you understand why I regret taking on Unify but I kept going. I will be uploading part two soon, which is in no way perfect but still should be an improvement over part 1 and please, please, please keep in mind that if Unify original worked better then you’ve not lost anything. If Unify X works well for you then you’ve gained something, which you should have had in the first place. I came close to quitting completely but TouchBar and the support I recived from the community was amazing and made me feel valued, at least a little. So for that I say thank you. I don’t seek sympathy nor do I want it, I just want to explain my position so you all hopefully understand. Yours Sincerely, #### LaughingQuoll