# Technical Facilitator Role ###### tags: `Polywrap` `Strategy` Hey Eugene, after meeting with Kevin and Evan, we came up with a more tailored list of activities that we feel would be ideal to have a contributor like yourself contribute towards. In general, we feel that we need a technical person such as yourself to help the Polywrap DAO: * Coordinate, plan, and synchronize the individual development teams building in the ecosystem. * Further its mission in becoming a technical standards body. The long-term goals of this contributor would be to help make the: * Polywrap DAO as reliable as other high profile technical organizations such as CloudFlare, Amazon, or Google. * Polywrap standard / toolchain as "firm" a building block as other prevelant technical standards such as HTTP, Linux, or Chromium. With this in mind, here are the areas-of-contribution we feel you might be a great fit for. Please reflect on this yourself, and see if this is something that interests you personally, as we want to make sure whatever you work on next invokes great passion & interest for you personally (at Polywrap or otherwise). Additionally, please know that none of these things are "one person tasks", and you'd be coordinating heavily with many technical leaders working in the Polywrap ecosystem. > [name=eugenefine] > I agree that all five below areas are critical path components and highly interdependent. I propose taking ownership of all five areas and defining a strategy to evolve them across in semi-lockstep iteratively. As we iterate, I will advise on additional resources to scale these areas. Please see my inline comments for my thoughts on acceptance criteria within each area. # Areas Of Contribution **Technical Working Group Roadmapping:** Work with the technical leaders within each core working group, helping them clearly define reliable roadmaps for the rest of the organization to coordinate around. Identify dependencies between WGs, and help advise leads on how to best synchronize with other parts of the org. > [name=eugenefine] > - define and build consensus with Technical Council on DOW Roadmap Grooming Standards > - create reference and education materials for Roadmap Grooming Standards to onboard new or existing teams > - establish regular cadence with WGs for Roadmap Grooming, > - facilitate and guide Roadmap Grooming process with WGs, but allow for flexibility to support teams preferred development methodologies. > - define process to identify and prioritize dependancies/blockers across all WG's roadmaps. > - define and administer process to publish DOW Roadmap, establish a process to provide visibility and feedback loop for qualified DOW members, and facilitate Roadmap consensus. > - recommend incentives strategies for best Roadmap Grooming standards adherence **Integration (1st & 3rd Party):** Understand the various points of integration occuring within the Polywrap ecosystem, both internally within the DAO, and externally with 3rd party developers (launch partners, etc). Track these developments, and use them to help advise DAO WGs on how to best prioritize user stories. > [name=eugenefine] > - define process to organize 3rd party dependancies > - define process to identify and prioritize external dependancies and blockers across all WG's roadmaps and 3rd party dependancies **Releases & SLAs:** Steward the creation of new release roadmaps. Define SLAs for various release streams. Help identify breaking changes, and advise on how to best roll them out to consumers. Help ensure the best quality assurance measures are being taken. > [name=eugenefine] > - define and build consensus with Technical Council on DOW standards for release and support procedures, covering areas including release notes, user guides, support procedures, QA and etc. > - develop internal QA practice, to facilitate WG's needs in the area of manual/automated QA activities. > - develop internal product support and operations practice, to facilitate WG's needs in the area of deployment, operations, support, security, etc. > - recommend incentives strategies for best standards adherence **Technical Standards & Specification:** Understand and clearly document the technical details that make-up the "Polywrap Standard" into a coherent specification. Create processes for updating various inter-connected standards. Define sane versioning schemes for its various pieces, allowing for as much forward-backward compatability as possible into the future. > [name=eugenefine] > - define and scale standards design and development process, and acceptance by Technical Council. > - define and administer publishing platform, version control > - define and administer publishing and approval workflows **"Technical Counsil" Facilitation:** Help facilitate the "Technical Counsil", a core-development forum where new standards & features can be discussed and debated. This may take the form of text-based communications or calls, all with the goal of extracting as many key developer opinions as possible to ensure we're making well researched and thoughtful decisions. > [name=eugenefine] > - define Technical Council rules and code of conduct. > - establish regular cadence Technical Council sessions and interactions. > - define and administer Technical Council communication platform > - report on Technical Council outputs