# Choice and Compassion: Exploring the Significance of Medical Abortion Adopting a termination is a difficult choice for any woman. The process of ending an undesired gestation with pills is known as a medical abortion. Two medications must be taken for the procedure. The progesterone hormone which is required to maintain an incubation is blocked by the first pill. The second pill causes cramps and bleeding, which empty the uterus. A **[Medical Chemical Abortion](https://www.womenscenter.com/medical_chemical_abortion.html )** is a process to terminate a pregnancy without surgery in the first trimester. If the pregnancy is beyond the first trimester your healthcare provider may discuss proper procedure options with you. ![image](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Sk7YFDSaT.png) **Why is a medical abortion performed?** Having a medical abortion is a personal decision based on individual circumstances. Someone can have a termination because they are concerned about passing an inherited disease. While others may want to end an unwanted pregnancy. Termination may also be an option if the pregnancy could be life-threatening in further stages. **Who should not consider getting a medical abortion?** It is essential to discuss your medical history with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. A Medical Chemical Abortion is not a safe option if Pregnancy has been carried on for a long time. * You are allergic to the prescriptions. * Have an ectopic pregnancy. * Used corticosteroids for a long time. * You have an intrauterine device. (A medical abortion is an option after its removal ) * You have a blood clotting disorder. **How to prepare for a medical abortion?** You will be required to meet with a healthcare provider for an evaluation. The preparation may involve: * The confirmation of pregnancy. * Urine or blood tests. * An ultrasound to know how far along is the pregnancy. * A qualified professional will explain the complete procedure. **What happens during a medical abortion?** A Medical Chemical Abortion involves taking pills. First, you will take the first pill to end the unwanted pregnancy. Then, you take the second pill to empty the uterus. Mifepristone works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without this hormone, the uterine lining will thin. Hence, the pregnancy won’t stay attached. You are required to take this pill orally. Misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and bleed. The pregnancy is expelled due to this. This medicine comes in pill forms you can take buccally or vaginally. Possible side effects after taking second pill Most women feel the side effects of the medicine after taking the second pill. You can expect: * Bleeding and cramping can start a few hours after taking the second pill. * You may experience heavy cramping and bleeding with blood clots. * You may have a fever or chills lasting about a day after taking the misoprostol pill. Some women can feel tired or dizzy. **What are the benefits of a medical abortion?** It is a safe and effective way for any woman to end an early unwanted gestation. With a medical abortion: * You can end an unwanted incubation as soon as you know you are pregnant. * You can be at home for the cramping and bleeding. * You can have the support of your family by your side. **When should I call my healthcare provider?** You should work closely with the doctor or healthcare provider during the entire process of your Medical Chemical Abortion. Ask any questions you have to understand what to expect during the procedure and afterwards.Contact your doctor or concerned healthcare professional if any of the following occur: * No bleeding occurs for 24 hours after taking misoprostol. * Severe bleeding that causes soaking more than two thick pads within an hour. * Fever that lasts more than one day and foul-smelling vaginal discharge. * You experience acute abdominal or back pain. * You don’t get your period after two months of the medical abortion procedure. * You are having symptoms of pregnancy. **Conclusion** After you decide to have an abortion the next consideration is to decide on what type. It is essential to understand the whole process of termination. Before deciding it’s best to seek professional help. When looking for a Medical Chemical Abortion, you can contact **[Orlando Women's Center](https://www.womenscenter.com/)**, a premium abortion clinic providing the best medical services. With their expert guidance and reliable healthcare services, be assured of a smooth abortion process. ![image](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HksVcDHpa.png)