# Introducing Flywheel [TOC] ## Flywheel Bond NFT As Olympus V2 launches, it has opened up capability to make NFT on top of (1,1). Also, Olympus V2 has introduced frontend rewards which acculumates n% of every payout to given address. If we make NFT that is capable of (1) buying bond, (2) redeeming payout (3) transfer bond redeem right, it is possible to expand OHM bond defi surface. Example scenario is, (1) instant liquidation of the bond, (2) making fungible bond(yea like OHM3D, OHM2D). So first step for building the ultimate defi flywheel for OlympusDAO is making NFT wrapper for Olympus Bonds. It'll be implemented as ERC721 like arNFT(https://armor.fi/mint), which is NFT wrapper for nexus mutual. And will be able to get liquidated in Flywheel platform. And those frontend rewards will be splitted in half to give instant payback for first few weeks(before Flywheel launches) and another half will be sent to treasury. After launching the Flywheel Bond Swap, frontend rewards used as payback for bondbuyers will be forwarded to treasury. (terms may change) ## Flywheel Bond Swap Flywheel Bond Swap is a platform for liquidating the Flywheel NFT to g/sOHM instantly. To payout Flywheel NFT instantly, we need enough liquidity to payout in exchange of the bond NFT. So we have stakers that has g/sOHM who are willing to payout gOHM and get interest fees on instant claims. Every Flywheel NFT liquidation will be done with n% deduction, this deduction will be paid out as interest for gOHM stakers and for NFT claimer's claim fee. sOHM Liduiqity will get 90% of the instant fees, which will add apy on top of (3,3). ![](https://i.imgur.com/3yBACx6.png)