# wearbo FAQ ## About Vision * **What is wearbo?** * wearbo is a wearable keyboard for future devices. * **What is your goal?** * Wear Everything, Go Anywhere Empty-handed * **Why did you decide to make it?** * Because we thought it is difficult to input characters on the wearable device such as smartglasses, ARglasses, and smartwatch. ## About Product * **Is it washable?** * No. But, it will be washable in the future. Now, Some of the circuitry can be detached, but the circuitry on the pants cannot be detached, so it cannot be washed yet. We will apply waterproofing to it in the future, then it will be washable. * **How to charge** * You can charge by using USB-typeC. * **How long can it be used on a single charge?** * * **Can I buy it?** * Sorry, we do not sell it now. * **How much does it cost to make one?** * * **How is it communicating with the device?** * By using Bluetooth. * **What devices can it connect to?** * Any device which can deal with bluetooth keyboard can be connected. * **How is it compared to voice input?** * Input speed may be inferior to voice input but, you can use it anywhere unlike voice input. * **What is strength of your product?** * There are 3 points. * Intuitive to use (Handwriting) * Eyes-free Design (Stripe Design) * No need to carry additional devices (Clothes)