## 10/10/19 in attendance: Stefan, Anastasis, Assani, Dimitris, Ivan, Sofia, Zina #### Sunday 15th, afternoon, Working day meet around 15 * Finish electricity * Make plans for bars * Furniture to be assembled * Some decisions for furniture. * Internet cablework Sofia bring cables for lights! #### Bars Need those before buying anything Work day Sofia Danae and Jared will meet and make plans for bars #### Sound Equipment Finalized! #### Budget ##### Finalized equipment budget: €875 (€399 for speaker bundle, €215 for mixer, €161 for piano including standard VAT, and €100 for soundproofing materials). Again, if I’ve got any of this wrong, please let me know! Plus wallmounts = ~ 900 EUR ##### The person donating wants to donate 1600 EUR to sound related project at Khora If we'd like to secure the full budget potentially available we need to present what the soundlab is, write down rough things we'd like to spend the rest 700 EUR on. we should list some workshops, mention maitenance, mention broken orchestra project etc.. we will colaborate on the document with soundlab ideas this week, Tom will go through it and present it to the person. #### Broken Orchestra Zina and Anastasis responsible for delivering instruments (and kits) to the space. Write to Nestos, check what's going on with instruments. #### Opening Plans, communicating what we are doing * a bunch of stuff in Greek I didn't understand, rude! ## 03/10/19 in attendance: Stefan, Dimitris, Ivan, Sofia, Zina #### Sound Equipment * decided to move ahead with the proposed equipment listed from Thomann once budget is confirmed We can use Tom's writeup for out website as well * when we have the equipment, good to make an inventory of what exists in the space in order to avoid losing things, as well as keep track of what goes in and out #### Budget * wrap up the budget* add wall mounts to budget * in the letter to the cyclist, make a proposition of how the basement projects might continue and if he would be willing to support this <<< not sure I've written this out properly /// (This is with reference to the fact that at the moment A9B be spending less than the full budget available) * in the letter to the cyclist, make a proposition of how the basement projects might continue and if he would be willing to support this <<< not sure I've written this out properly /// (This is with reference to the fact that at the moment A9B be spending less than the full budget available) * find a time that's suitable to bring the #### Broken orchestra/instruments instruments from Jafra and Inaki * Sofia will send a link to the open sourc platform / course. Potentially get in touch with some free kiets /// elearn.ellak.gr - different courses #### Maintenance / working space * meeting Friday 04/10/2019 to do electrics * need to make a plan for metal bars #### Piano * still pending move because construction continues at the kitchen where it will be moved to #### Opening Plans * try and have a presence in the khora assembly - good to let them know about what we have and that it can be used, and that it is one project of Khora * launching event * how to communicate what we are doing #### TO DO: * kit space out with more surfaces * Sofia will speak to Danae about design * Typografeio link Sofia ## 19/09/19 in attendance: Dimitris, Sofia, Ivan, Nestos #### Electrical * We went around the space and made measurements for upgrading the electrical installation. Dimitris will write to discourse about the plan and coordinate with an electrician. * Proposal to be submmitted to the next Khora assembly for buying materials. #### Windows & doors * Zisimos is fixing the glass and frames himself. * Sofia will talk to Jawed about metalwork. We need a sketch to send to Zisimos for approval and to order the metal. #### Internet * Khora meeting agreed with one of the proposals, Ivan to coordinate getting a line for the basement. #### Equipment & budget * Dimitris will write some suggestions from outsourced used equipment from local resellers. * There was a discussion about types of speakers/monitors, to be continued on discourse. * Sofia has given the old Thingomatic printer to a ## 05/09/19 in attendance: Dimitris, Anastasis, Zina, Assani, Jawed, Yorgos #### Cleaning/painting day * The space has been painted - but might need another good clean once we are done with all the electrics and metalwork etc. #### Securing physical space * Metal bars: make final measurements / get a quote & order materials. Then fitted by Jawed. * Window installation: From what we saw the glass is not broken, but the one side has a wooden cover. So maybe this needs replacing. Ivan had mentioned on Whatsapp about looking into this for next week. * There is a missing relay from the electrics board which was deemed unsafe for use by some electricians. After discussion, it seems this was an exaggeration. * Jawed said he can sort the electrics out on the weekend. Need to buy all the materials for this. Said to talk with Sofia to arrange this. * Sofia is meeting with Zisimos on the weekend to confirm some details regarding the space before moving forward. ##### Equipment / Budget * Final quote for piano next week when we find out the model. When the time comes, it was decided it will get moved to the kitchen. Quote estimate so far 130-150 EUR + VAT * Dimitris mentioned he can perhaps get a discount from his place of work, which sells studio equipment. * Finalise the budget next week to have ready to send off to the cyclist #### Projects / Space use * Have the physical space in the next 2/3 weeks ready : electricity, window, metal bars & internet * Questions about what we actually start doing in the space when it is physically ready, and how do we make what we are doing in there known for people to join / come through so that we expand instead of being "amongst ourselves" * Suggestion to communicate with the Khora assembly, and through that with other assemblies as well that they are welcome to join the space * Aim to make basement homely so people want to come and hang out in there, and use as a creative space * Future ideas: * Synth building workshops - Dimitris * Build Directional speakers - Anastasis ## 29/08/19 in attendance: Anastasis, Zina, Ivan, Sofia, Stefan #### Budgeting and fundraising ##### Cyclist fund (1500gbp = 1672.25eur with exact conversion rate) * Piano to move to Kastalias. * Get piano move quote > Zina * Piano tuning ~50EUR. Possibility to tune ourselves as a project (Dimitris) * Monitors and mixing desk (450eur) * Maintenance (200eur) * Decision that sound treatment/proofing cost is not in the minimum budget ##### Reverb gives * Waiting for rec letter by Freya (Help Refugees) #### Cleaning/painting day * Saturday 31 August 1pm * to coordinate about supplies at Aiginis building meeting on Friday * to transfer desk and buy 6 trestles for initial setup * possibly buy colour paint (Nestos?) #### Security * Sofia to propose to landlord to cover the cost of metal bars for the windows/doors * Anastasis/Zina to get quotes #### Internet * Ivan agrees we need a unifi AP * Ivan to plan ethernet channels #### Aiginis coordination meeting 30/8 * Anastasis and Sofia to join * plan to be ready in one month * coordinate over furniture, wood, paint, cleaning supplies #### Projects * Tom to follow up with Inaki about old Khora instruments * Tom will transfer 4 new guitars when space is secured, sent by a music fund. right now they are stored in communitism ## 22/08/19 In attendance: Sofia, Nestos, Jawed, Stefan #### Logistics * We did a bit of clean-up and furniture arrangement in the space. * Sofia to contact Zisimos (landlord) to discuss windows and securing the space. Amalia (khora admin assistant) was informed and will help if necessary. * Indoor doors are in the middle room (storage). * 1 bookcase, 1 couch and 1 dexion are at the space and need assembly. * It was decided to do a general cleaning-painting-fixing day! #### Internet Stefanos tested the internet connection through power lines and it was a bit unstable. Nick (khora volunteer) tested some solutions last week and we are waiting for follow-up. Probably sb needs to bring this to a building meeting/Aiginis coordination. #### Studio * checked the available equipment * Nestos to draft a plan for the room and share it on discourse #### Lab area/common space * Draft design of working desks on the blueprints * Jawed to make a plan for what's needed * possibility to collaborate with other workshops, such as typografeio (communitism) ## 26/07/19 Khora basement minutes 26 July 2019 In attendance: Sofia, Tom, Hussain, Ivan, Zina, Billie, Mari, Alicia, Dimitris, Asani, Nestos, Stefanos, Anastasis, Giorgos, Nuno, Gomidas, Emma, Jawed, Calum Agenda: 1) Welcome and introductions 2) About Khora Emma and Nuno provided info on Khora, its history and current activities. Basement at Aiginis 9 is a space for co-working and creativity – with one room allocated as a sound lab / music studio. 3) Practical Things We’re currently working on securing the space: getting windows fitted, etc. We now have three sets of keys for the basement, but need to develop a plan for access to the space (ideally 24/7). RFIDs would be useful for this. We have an internet connection, but need to improve signal across all floors (Stefanos knows how to do this). We are also bringing furniture to the basement. Need to spend some time cleaning and painting. Need to respect the quiet hours! Soundproofing is a priority – we have some foam panels from the old Khora building at Asklipiou, but we need to do more. Jawed offered to do any building and carpentry work, and Dimitris can do treatment of the space. There’s a risk that this could be quite expensive, so we need to figure out how to soundproof the studio space and make a budget for this. We might also have overheating issues, so may need a cooling system. Asani has a car that we can use. 4) Activity Ideas Ivan mentioned an Improv Mondays group, and proposed that we could do something similar. Also that it would be good to meet regularly to discuss creative activities. Emma talked about having the other small room in the basement as a writing space – to be used for a book project for ‘Are You Syrious?’ and other projects. Dimitris could run workshops on modular synthesis. Tom can run workshops on location (field) recording – producing and editing. He is currently doing this at Communitism. Zina also works with soundscape recordings. Nuno proposed that we use opensource software for projects, and that this could be a general ethos for the space. Sofia suggested a project of working with broken instruments and creating some kind of broken orchestra. The United African Women’s Organisation (who have a space on the 1st floor) do music and dance. The big room in the basement can be a general meeting and workshop space. We can get a projector in for this. We need to start doing things, and some concrete tasks to get going. This means both the practicalities of fixing up the space, and beginning some creative projects. General plan of ‘let’s do everything at the same time’. 5) Fundraising and Equipment We have been working on an application for Reverb Gives (up to $5000) – just waiting for a letter of recommendation to complete the application. We also have a donation from a member of a cycling group – Thighs of Steel – from 2017, allocated for music-related things. This is to cover the costs of moving a piano to the Khora café building at Spetson (and tuning it), but we probably have a few hundred £ for equipment. We are currently negotiating this. Tom will bring an electric guitar, a synth, and a drum machine to the basement. Hussain has a friend who is selling an amplifier. Dimitris has access to cheap equipment. 6) Establishing a Working Group Everyone is invited to join the Khora assembly Need a system of regular communication. We took email addresses and Ivan volunteered to make a mailing list. We discussed which platform to use for everyday communications. Not everyone uses (or trusts) FB and WhatsApp. Signal and Matrix as alternatives. We can continue to use HackPad for the minutes of group meetings, and to create a needs list. We set a meeting time of Thursdays at 7pm. We need to think of a name – current suggestion: ‘Sofia’s Friends’. # Website update Made a quick site (will change it with your feedback) and a discourse forum for our communication https://a9b.org (discourse supports mailing list interface for people who prefer email) pls register at, https://discourse.a9b.org \- Ivan temporary whatsapp group for coordination: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K0DKNPUziyJ2BuK37tgypw # Khora open (sound?) lab (?) #### Πρώτη ανοιχτή συνάντηση, Παρασκευή 26/7, 19:30 #### 1st open meeting, Friday 26 July, 19:30 *Αιγίνης 9, Κυψέλη (υπόγειο) Aiginis 9, Kypseli (basement)* Φτιάχνουμε ένα ανοιχτό-συνεργατικό εργαστήριο στο υπόγειο του νέου χώρου της Χώρας, όπου ελπίζουμε να χωρέσουμε ήχο, σκονισμένους υπολογιστές, ημιτελείς κατασκευές και σπασμένα σάζια. Όλοι οι καλοί χωράνε, πρώτη συνάντηση για συνδιαμόρφωση του εγχειρήματος αυτή την Παρασκευή 26/7 στις 7μιση εκεί. Η Χώρα είναι μια αυτο-οργανωμένη συλλογικότητα εθελοντών που προέρχονται από διαφορετικές χώρες και πολιτισμικές καταβολές που λειτουργεί στην Αθήνα από το 2016, αλληλέγγυα στους εκτοπισμένους ανθρώπους. We are opening a new collaborative workshop space at the basement of the new building of Khora, where we hope to fit sound, dusty computers, unfinished makings and broken sazes. All souls are welcome, first meeting to co-modulate (?!) the project this Friday 26/7, 7:30pm at the basement. Khora is a self-organised collective of volunteers from various countries and cultural backgrounds that operates in Athens since 2016, in solidarity with displaced people. <div style="text-align: right"> نحن سنفتتح مكان جديد لورشة عمل تعاونية في الطابق السفلي من مبنى خورا الجديد، حيث نأمل بتكييف الأصوات وأجهزة الكمبيوتر المُغبرة والمصنوعات غير المكتملة وآلات الساز المتكسرة. جميع النفوس مرحبٌ بها، أول إجتماع للمشاركة في تعديل الأصوات (؟!) المشروع يوم الجمعة ٧/٢٦ في الساعة ٧:٣٠ مساءً في الطابق السفلي. خورا هي مجموعة من المتطوعين من مختلف البلدان والخلفيات الثقافية والمنظمين ذاتياً والتي تعمل في أثينا تضامنا مع النازحين منذ عام ٢٠١٦.</div>