# Helen Doron - Linguist, Educator, and Broadcaster Helen Doron is a British linguist, educator, and broadcaster who lives in Israel. Her English language teaching business, the Helen Doron Educational Group, provides courses for young people in Misgav and Hararit. The centres are linked through a franchise network. In Israel, Helen Doron lives in Hararit. Learn more about her in this article. And check out this interview to learn more about her company. Founded in 1985 The National Performance Network was founded in 1985 to address a national dilemma: economic restraint and artistic isolation. David R. White, then executive director of the New York City Dance Theater Workshop, put together a group of fourteen diverse presenting organizations. These organizations formed the National Performance Network. The list is alphabetical and sortable by column, and the companies on the list are corporations, public/private enterprises, and nonprofits. Founded in 1985, the National Performance Network has grown to represent more than 355,000 NPs nationwide. Methodology The Methodology of Helen Doron has become an international household name for children and parents alike. What began as a home-based business has expanded to over 800 learning centres in 35 countries, having helped nearly two million children to speak English. The company is known for its innovative educational materials and pedagogic methodology, which all trace their origins to Helen Doron's original EFL methodology. The method allows children to learn English through repeated hearing and positive reinforcement. Helen Doron formulated this revolutionary methodology after years of researching the teaching of the violin. She was intrigued by the connection between language learning and music learning, which she called the "native speaker approach." As an educator, she recognized the importance of this principle, and combined it with the ideals of encouragement and motivation in order to develop a methodology that could help children learn English fluently. This methodology also features massive amounts of original music, which is an essential part of Helen Doron courses. Centres The Helen Doron Group has been known for its innovative programs to teach English as a Foreign Language. Founded in Korea, the Helen Doron Group first educational centre was in Dongtan. This centre consists of the Helen Doron Baby Centre and a kindergarten. The Helen Doron Baby Centre offers courses for infants and toddlers that use the proven Helen Doron English methodology. The center is complete with a swimming pool for the babies to attend swim lessons. The Helen Doron Centres have a full-service kindergarten that focuses on the importance of learning and challenging the infant's brain at an early age. The Helen Doron Group also believes that learning early brings parents and children closer together. Today, there are over 1,000 learning centres in 38 countries and over three million children have benefited from these programmes. The Helen Doron method is based on repetitive hearing and a fun environment that fosters learning. Similarly, children learn their mother tongue through music, movement and other learning methods. The Helen Doron method has been proven to be effective and has taught nearly three million children English. The company has grown in size and scope but keeps its core values, community spirit and success intact. Radio team If you want to make learning English fun, you can listen to Helen Doron Radio. It is a live ESL/EFL radio station where teens can practice their language skills. The station was launched on August 20th, 2013 with the intent of improving English proficiency in teens. Among its features are 24/7 programming, music, stories, quizzes, contests, news, and targeted country weeks. In fact, it currently has more than a hundred countries listening to its broadcast. The Helen Doron Educational Group has recently launched an app for teens to listen to their shows. It is available in Android and iPhone formats and has features like live chat and a favourite song request field. It also includes news about the radio station. You can also find a list of the current program schedule and listen to Helen Doron Radio anytime, anywhere! With the new app, you can easily access your favorite radio station whenever you want. TeenBuzz app The [Helendoron](https://helendoron.es/) TeenBuzz app provides the latest news in the world of teens and language learning. Its unique materials cater to all levels of learners. The app features podcasts and transmissions from the Helen Doron Educational Group's radio station. Teens can even practice their ingles with the app. You can find out more about the Helendoron TeenBuzz app on the official website. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. The Helen Doron Educational Group has recently upgraded their TeenBuzz app. This free download is available on Google Play and the App Store. The new version includes live chat, which encourages interaction between listeners. It also gives listeners the chance to practice written English, compete in quizzes, and request songs. Overall, the app is an important part of the HELENDORON@HOME solution, which focuses on online education.