# Procedure Brainstorming: Converting ETH to DAI when you have funds in a Multisig ## Jamie's Proposal Given that a CDP requires some monitoring, I would advocate trading on a DEX in periodic work sessions to attain the DAI needed. DEXs will probably require using a single key interact with the DEX as opposed to a multisig. A good approach would be to split up the work/amounts among the a small group of “financial operator” magicians. Each operator has a key of their own to a "trade account" which is used only for the purpose of procuring DAI. The operators can perform the trade work in tandem, at a scheduled time, over chat or voice (but of course mute when opening keys). Call it “pair fin-opsing”. At the beginning of the operation, each trade account has a balance of 0. The multisig transfers a predetermined amount to each trade account. At the end of the operation, each trade account (ideally having some bonafide DAI accounted for in the ERC-20) is fully “emptied” back to the multisig. Now that DAI, and any remaining ETH is safely "home". As their trade work is performed, the fin oprs should use a public spreadsheet to record hashes and additional metadata / notes about each transaction. They can check each other's operations, perhaps show they checked in the spreadsheet. Of course, the txn data is viewable via etherscan and on-chain, but much is lost without detailed accounting of each action taken. One the work is done, an email is generated to the Operations Ring summarizing what happened.