# Send a transaction over metamask Prerequisite: https://hackmd.io/dFzKxB3ISWO8juUqPpJFfw Once you have your node up and running, you can connect metamask to your local node Open metamask and click on add network. Now you can put in the following parameters: Name: kintsugi RPC-URL: Chain-ID: 1337702 Now you can get some funds from the faucet: https://faucet.kintsugi.themerge.dev (Looking for someone to turn this into a nice looking blog post) And send some transactions. You can look at your transactions here: https://explorer.kintsugi.themerge.dev/ Oh and **don't use your mainnet address on a testnet** If you're getting an `invalid sender` error in geth, you have the wrong chainID set up in metamask