# POD-type vape is a hot item! # Many smokers believe that they should make the switch to electronic cigarettes in response to the growing call for smoking cessation, but many are unable to make up their minds due to frustration and anxiety. But what if there was an e-cigarette that could eliminate these complaints? In this issue, we will introduce a "[POD-type disposable vape](https://ecigator.com/products/)" that can solve such problems. We will introduce in detail their appeal and what to look out for when purchasing one, so that by the time you finish reading, you will be able to find the perfect one for you. # What is a POD-type vape? # Vape vapes can be classified into "pen (stick) type," "POD type," and "box type," depending on their shape. The pod type vape is located between the pen type and the box type, and the liquid and coils can be changed by simply replacing the "POD" cartridge that contains the liquid. The POD is a vape that is between a pen and a box, and can be replaced by simply replacing the cartridge that contains the liquid called a "POD" and the liquid and coils. In addition, the "Salt Nicotine" POD is popular among smokers for its smoking taste similar to that of paper cigarettes. ## Differences between POD-type VAPE and other VAPEs ## Although we recommend POD vapes, pen and box vapes have the characteristics of so-called typical e-cigarettes. It remains to be seen how the market will change in the future, but it is important to know the characteristics of the pen, POD, and box types so that you can choose the vape that is right for you. Let's take a look at the differences between POD-type, pen-type, and box-type vapes. **Pen Vape** The pen-type vape is low-cost, lightweight, and easy to use, making it suitable for vape beginners. However, due to its simple and compact shape, the battery capacity is small, and the smoking feel is weaker than that of paper cigarettes. It is wise not to have excessive expectations. Since the main feature of this type of e-cigarette is its convenience, it is recommended for those who are trying e-cigarettes for the first time or for those who just want to use something inexpensive. **Box Type** The body of a box-type vape is much larger than that of a pen-type vape. While the battery capacity is large and the vape is very satisfying, the size, weight, and price may make it a bit difficult for beginners to handle. However, since most devices are capable of adjusting the power and temperature, even if the same flavor liquid is used, there is a big difference in the feel and taste depending on the customization. This type of vape is highly supported by intermediate and advanced users who have learned to enjoy customization. This type of e-cigarette is recommended for those who are dissatisfied with the mouthfeel of pen-type vapes and for those who want to pursue their own preferred mouthfeel. ## Appeal of POD-type vape and reasons for its popularity ## If you are looking for a vape that is easy to use, a pen-type [disposable vape](https://ecigator.com/) is better, and if you are looking for a highly specialized vape, a box-type vape is better. Although it may seem like a half-way house, POD vapes have their own unique features and appeal, and there are a number of reasons why they are favored by advanced vapers and smokers. **Sophisticated appearance** While the basic choice for paper cigarettes would be "taste," in the case of e-cigarettes, many users choose e-cigarettes for their "appearance. This is because e-cigarettes are versatile in terms of taste (flavor), unlike cigarettes whose design and taste are determined by the brand. In general, POD-type vapes are small and simple in design, similar to pen-type vapes, and do not have the clunky look of box-type vapes. The sleek, smart design and a variety of color variations of the body, as well as the use of various materials such as enamel and matching textures, are also appealing. **Light and small, ideal for carrying** While some people may prefer a larger vape, most prefer a lightweight, compact design that is easy to carry. For example, some box-type vapes are so large that they would fill the palm of a woman's hand, but this is not the case with POD vapes. The smallest vape is 21 x 70 x 15 mm, about the size of a USB flash drive, and weighs less than 100 g. Some vapes weigh as little as 20 g. You can carry it in your pocket stress-free without a special case (about 50 x 73.3 x 12 mm for a thin POD-type vape). **Easy to operate** The pen-type vape is simple but requires little maintenance, while the box-type vape can be customized to your liking but requires time-consuming adjustment. Compared to these types, the POD type is extremely easy to operate and by far the easiest to use. The vape from [vape wholesale](https://ecigator.com/oem-wholelsale/) store can be inhaled immediately after setting the liquid, without the need for detailed adjustments, and the amount of smoke and temperature are automatically optimized. The ease with which "anyone" can "easily" and "optimally" adjust the vape is a major attraction, even if not like an advanced user who fully understands his/her own preferences and vape specifications. **Excellent throat kick** One of the reasons why cigarette smokers are reluctant to try e-cigarettes is that they do not feel like they are smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which gives the user a throat stimulation (throat kick) when smoked, but e-cigarettes, which do not contain nicotine, do not provide that stimulation. You can be satisfied that you are "smoking" only when you feel the throat kick in addition to simply inhaling and exhaling the smoke (vapor). However, POD-type vapes are characterized by the fact that they are easy to feel the sensation of smoking, regardless of the presence or absence of nicotine. Although there are differences depending on the device used, the POD vape is small but produces a large amount of smoke and has a strong flavor, making it easy to feel the sensation of having "smoked". ´╝łThis is one of the reasons why this product is highly regarded by advanced vape users. **No need to change coils** Due to the structure of e-cigarettes, the mouthpiece, atomizer, and bottom can be cleaned, but the coils need to be replaced on a regular basis. The coil, which is a heating element, deteriorates quickly and cannot be maintained, so it is inevitable that the coil replacement process is time-consuming. The process itself is not so difficult, but considering that the hassle of purchasing replacement coils and replacing them periodically continues for a long time, it would be normal to think that it is a "hassle". POD vapes, however, do not require this coil replacement. This is because the liquid in a POD vape is disposable and does not need to be replaced. When the liquid runs out, a new POD is replaced, and the coil is also built into the POD. The coil replacement is completed by simply replacing the POD, without the need to disassemble, clean, and reassemble it. The coils will not burn up if you skip maintenance, and you will always be able to smoke in good condition. **No maintenance required** Strictly speaking, the POD made by [China vape manufacturers](https://ecigator.com/about-us/) is not completely maintenance-free, but daily maintenance such as replacing coils and cleaning atomizers as mentioned above is almost unnecessary. The POD is filled with liquid from the start and has a built-in tank and coils. This eliminates most of the steps of cleaning the tank, replacing the coil, and filling the POD with liquid when the liquid runs out, and there is no need to get your hands dirty. **Low price compared to others** Most POD-type vapes are priced at around 20 to 30, less than half the price of box-type vapes, which are often priced at 50 to 100. As mentioned above, they are maintenance-free and highly durable, making them extremely cost-effective. Because they are compact and easy to use, some users own more than one as a sub rather than as their main vape. Although there are many inexpensive options for POD-type vapes, some of them are expensive and equipped with high-performance chips. Originally, the low price was the main attraction, but with the increase in popularity, further expansion of choices can be expected in the future. **Highly satisfactory salt nicotine** There have been nicotine-containing liquids in the past, but many people said they were unsatisfactory because they were fundamentally different from those used in paper cigarettes. E-cigarettes themselves were based on non-tar/non-nicotine aromatic use in the first place, but for users who "want to smoke nicotine," the ability to get nicotine stimulation is a major point. Some of the liquids used in POD-type vape are made with "salt nicotine" (nicotine salt), which allows users to inhale a much higher concentration of nicotine than conventional liquids. When purchasing a POD vape, it is a good idea to check if it is compatible with salt nicotine.