# Workshop: Road to #Interop Let's figure out how to get our clients talking. A lot of topics are relevant, but let's prioritize discussions that are a prerequisite to interoperability. Thu, May 16, 2019 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT New York City Register here: [https://www.eventbrite.com/e/road-to-interop-tickets-60384211803](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/road-to-interop-tickets-60384211803) ### Agenda - 10:00a Kick off - 10:05a P2P Networking - Session Lead(s): Antoine Toulme & TBD - Discovery - GossipSub - Wire Protocol - 12:00p Lunch - 13:00p Validator Design - Session Lead: Terence Tsao * Common client side API * Discuss validator <-> beacon node API spec * Goal: Define a common API * Discuss validator client and beacon node interoperability * Discuss validator <-> beacon node protocol discussion issue * Discuss options such as ProtoBuf, JsonRPC and OpenRPC * Define a minimal features of what a validator needs * Would be good to keep core set of methods which gives clients more freedom enables better innovation and trade off for interoperability * Past client development experiences * Discuss past successes, failures, pain-points and lessons learned * Running questions * Open the floor for questions and discussions - 14:00p Client Interop Coordination - Session Lead: Joseph Delong - Target spec version - Communication channels - Bracket System - Client Requirements for Interop - 14:30p Phase 2 Discussion - Session Lead: Will Villanueva & Vitalik Buterin ### Potential Topics - State Sync - Data validation - Network serialization - Validator Design - Clock Sync - Testnets - Discovery/ENRs/Discv5 ### Other Discussions - How do we want to approach the problem of getting 8 clients to be interoperable? - What tests do we want to define? - Do we want to schedule an Interop Lock-in at the end of the summer? - Should each team pair with another team?