# Careers | Job openings [Unagi](https://unagisoftware.com) is a distributed/remote company, so **every role listed here is remote**. *We have an office in La Plata (Argentina) but you are free not to set foot there in your life.* ## Roles ### 💻 [Full Stack Engineer](https://hackmd.io/@unagisoftware/full-stack-engineer-3-years) ### ✍🏻 [Project Manager](https://hackmd.io/@unagisoftware/project-manager-2-years) <br> <br> If your experience is close to what you see listed here, but you don’t tick every box, please still consider applying. We here at Unagi recognize that people come with a wealth of knowledge and experience beyond just the technical requirements of the job. We are always looking for curious, fun, and smart people to join our team so apply if this sounds like a culture you want to be part of. Diversity of experience and passion for the tech industry as a whole are the keys to innovation and excellence; therefore, we encourage people of all backgrounds to apply to our positions. Please let us know if you require any additional accommodations during this recruitment process. Feel free to reach out to rrhh@unagi.com.ar to suggest improvements or read more about us in our [Website](https://unagisoftware.com/careers), [Blog](https://medium.com/unagisoftware), [Instagram](https://instagram.com/unagisoftware), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/unagisoftware) or [Linkedin](https://linkedin.com/company/unagisoftware) -- ![Ricky Fort Dance](https://i.imgur.com/iPY1xE7.gif "Ricky Fort amazing dancing")