# Coworking Call tags: turing-way, coworking-call --- :::warning :warning: :warning: :warning: As a community, we are moving away from using HackMD for our public community calls! Please join us on Framapad: https://annuel2.framapad.org/p/ttw-coworking-call :warning: :warning: :warning: ::: **What?** _The Turing Way_ is a **lightly opinionated guide to reproducible data science and research**. _The Turing Way_ team hosts 1-hr long coworking calls each week for the community members to work together in real time. **No sign-ups needed!** *Read more about it in [this chapter](https://the-turing-way.netlify.app/community-handbook/coworking.html)* You can check out all links and updates about The Turing Way: https://the-turing-way.start.page/