Register an ICPC Team === ###### tags: `ICPC` ## Sign Up for Baylor System All members (including contestants and coaches) must have a Baylor system account. 所有成員(包括選手與教練)必須有 Baylor System 的帳號才能註冊隊伍。 Go to the official [website](, and click the sign up button in the top right corner. 前往官方[網站](,並點擊右上角「Sign Up」按鈕。 ![]( Fill your personal data. **Note: your name should be the one on your passport.** 填入你的個人資料,其中**姓名要與護照相同**。常見錯誤:將姓氏(Last Name)與名字(First Name)搞反。 ![]( Fill your personal data. **Note: You must fill "Institution/Employment/Company".** Otherwise, the contest host will not accept your registration. 填入你的個人資料。其中**Institution/Employment/Company一定要填寫**,學生們請填入你的學校。該欄位需要等候幾秒,讓系統找好資料才能點擊填入。ICPC 為校際競賽,主辦方無法接受沒有學校資訊或是來自不同學校的成員參加競賽。 ![]( ## Register Your Team The can only be done by the coach. All contestants should give their account (email address) to their coach. 此步驟僅能透過教練進行,請所有選手將帳號(即email)提供給教練。 Login Baylor system and click "Create a team". 登入 Baylor system 後點擊「Create a team」。 ![]( Select Asia Pacific. 選擇 Asia Pacific ![]( Select "Asia Taipei On Site Regional Contest". 選擇 Asia Taipei On Site Regional Contest 。 ![]( Fill "Institution" and "Team Name". 填好學校與隊名。 ![]( Add team members, then confirm. 加入隊伍成員後確認報名,之後通知隊員們完成下一個步驟,填寫報名所需的資料。 ![]( ## Complete Your Profile **Host only accepts teams with complete profiles!** **主辦單位僅接受資料完整的隊伍。** Login Baylor system, then click your team. 登入 Baylor system 後點擊隊伍。 ![]( **The team number is the last six digits of the URL.** If any member didn't complete their profile, your team will not pass the eligibility prediction. **隊伍編號為網址後六碼數字**。如果任一隊員尚未填好個人檔案,則無法通過適格性預判。 ![]( You may find out who didn't complete. 可檢查是誰沒完成。 ![]( Use the drop list in the top right corner to edit your profile. 使用右上角的下拉式選單修改個人資料。 ![]( Check which fieilds are required. 檢查自己那些資料尚未完成填寫。 ![]( Don't forget to fill "Shirt size" and "Occupation". 別忘了 Shirt size 、 Occupation 。 ![]( Please complete all fields in "Degree info" tab. 務必完整填寫 Degree Info。 ![]( If you don't want to leak your personal information, you may fill the phone number and the address of your school. 如不想透漏個資,可填寫學校的電話與地址。 ![]( After all profiles completed, your team will pass the eligibility prediction. 所有個人資料填好之後,隊伍將通過適格性預判,此時主辦方巡查到資料時就會將您的狀態改為 Accepted 。 ![]( ![](