One Piece Odyssey Release Date Announced One Piece Odyssey will send off in January 2023, it has been uncovered at Tokyo Game Show. Distributed by Bandai Namco and created by ILCA, One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG and the most recent game set in a similar universe as the cherished manga and anime One Piece. It will see the Straw Caps go on another experience with characters that don't show up in the manga yet have been planned by its maker Eiichiro Oda. News around One Piece Odyssey was for the most part scant following a new interactivity trailer displayed at Summer Game Fest. Nonetheless, fans were hoping for something else from the game at Tokyo Game Show, particularly after Bandai Namco announced that it would have a feature at the occasion. Up until this point, just some little uncovers have been made around what the game will incorporate, with just the nine Straw Cap Privateers being affirmed characters for One Piece Odyssey. At the Bandai Namco occasion as a feature of the current year's Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that One Piece Odyssey would be coming to control center and PC on January 13, 2023. At the point when the game was uncovered before in 2022, it was accepted that One Piece Odyssey would have a 2022 release date. While January 2023 is somewhat later than fans expected, the announced send off doesn't come up short by a great deal, and many are as yet invigorated for the impending JRPG. Beforehand One Piece games have crossed various classes, from battling titles to VR encounters. Be that as it may, many have promoted the RPG class of One Piece Odyssey as the ideal game for the series. As well as highlighting new characters planned by series maker Eiichiro Oda, One Piece Odyssey will likewise have its own story planned by him, which sees the Straw Caps moved to a baffling island. Ideally, close by having battles that devotees of the anime can appreciate, there will be an interesting story behind this strange island and the mysteries it holds. Close by the uncover of One Piece Odyssey's release date, a lot of other large declarations have been made at the current year's Tokyo Game Show. Seeing the arrival of an actual crowd without precedent for a couple of years, it appears to be that a ton of gaming organizations have carried their best to TGS. As of late, at the Capcom Exhibit, fans got another gander at the Inhabitant Abhorrent 4 change, close by the impending DLC for Occupant Malicious Town and some Road Contender 6 ongoing interaction.