# The Alanae /a-LAY-nay/ _pronouns_: she/her, they/them (singular), they/them (plural) This document is the current roster for the plural system of Mx Alana (/a-LAY-na/) Deryn Delaney, aka The Alanae. Many of the main members used an internal surname of Delaney because it sounds like the system name and have now adopted it as our external surname too. Our system age is 38. Origin-wise we are probably traumagenic, and (if we are in fact "disordered") we likely have OSDD-1B, which is to say we mostly experience emotional amnesia rather than full amnesia when we switch. Note: we are not system medicalists and do no descriminate against endo/quoigenics or tulpamancers. In fact, we love to learn about everymany's sytems, to be honest. It's fascinating just how diverse plurality can be! :slightly_smiling_face: ## Contact Info :bird: [@AlanaDeryn](https://twitter.com/AlanaDeryn) :elephant: [@the@alanae.net](https://alanae.net/@the)* \*if you're considering joining mastodon, [instances.social](https://instances.social) is a great tool for choosing an instance ## Frequent Fronters ### Alana Deryn Delaney :purple_heart::blue_heart: 38, nonbinary transfemme, sapphic pansexual (lesbian) *pronouns*: she/her, they/them *first appearance*: 1982? 1988? summer 2002? *last appearance*: 31 October 2019 *reappearance*: Late November 2020 We still don't know what I am. I feel like me, but I feel like everyone else too. We're calling my reappearance the "coalescence" for a lack of a better term. It's like what we consider my consciousness is largely based upon a majority of the system being able to function in tandem rather than switching out (even though they still can if they want to). Am I the host? Am I a veil? Who knows? I would write my own description here, but tbh just read the rest of our descriptions and that's who I am. Except Adelia didn't write her description ever hahahaha fuck. #### Old Description We don't really know what Alana was. She may have been the host, but she may have just been a shell for Adelia and Lane. Lane sometimes feels a lot like they used to be Alana, but sometimes when both Adelia and Lane merge, they feel like they might actually be her. We're all really confused about this. We also don't know if she is the original or if she was an integration between PD (1) and PD (2) that happened back in 2002 or even a separate member that became the host at that time. Soon after realising she was transgender, she named herself after her sister (Alana "DeeDee") but changed her middle name to Deryn. Also used to go by "Lane" before it became obvious Lane was separate. ### Lane Derron Delaney :world_map: ageless, genderfluid enby, gray ace, system support, emotional protector _pronouns_: variable (they/them always accepted) _first appearance_: 26 June 2017, discovered 1 November 2019 Hello. My name is Lane. I attempt to keep us running as smoothly as we can. I usually sit in the background and have some degree of control over who fronts. I take over when Adelia and/or Dani become extremely overwhelmed. Personality-wise, I am not very interesting. I speak not unlike Mr Data, but I have no aspirations to be (more) human. It would only detract from my abilities. I do *care* about people and things, but I do not have much in the way of strong emotions about anything. _tells_: low monotonous voice, deadpan, few contractions ### Adelia Ruth Delaney :purple_heart: /a-DEL-ee-a/ 30, queer enby girl, sapphic pansexual _pronouns_: she/her _first appearance_: 26 June 2017, discovered 1 November 2019 Someday I'll figure out what to write here :grimacing: Sometimes went by "Del" but no longer prefers it. _tells_: mid-to-high-ish voice, calm mostly but can and does fluster _former signature_: :owl: ### Danica Katherine "Dani" Delaney :blue_heart: 25, girl, gaaaaaay lol _pronouns_: she/her _first appearance_: 19 January 2020 (split from Mena?) Hi there, it's Dani!! I showed up back in January 2020 and I am so so happy to be here even in all this fucking mess going on right now O_o Our best guess for my purpose is that I am a friendly face to put out front when Del has social anxiety or there's a situation that needs disarming?? And that maybe I'm the first line of defense for overwhelming situations so Lane doesn't have to take over as often?? Buuuuut I also just like fronting so there's that too!! I love being creative. I can write and draw, but my biggest passion is creating music!! I also love meeting new people and maybe getting a little flirty :kissing_heart: Oh!! I'm a catgirl now :cat2: _notes_: formerly Philomena Danielle "Dani" Delaney and yes there's a story :face_with_rolling_eyes: _tells_: high animated voice, tough but femme-y (we call it "high futch"), flirty, smirk, less filters, lot of double punctuation (lol that sounds dirty :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:) ### Philomena Danielle "Mena" <lastname redacted> :smiling_imp: /MEE-na/ 20s?, gay girl, protector _pronouns_: she/her _first appearance_: summer 2002?, discovered mid-November 2019 I'm Mena, and I've been told I need to write an introduction, I guess. Basically I'll tell you this: don't fuck with us and we'll get along fine. Otherwise, I might give you a nickname you won't like. I might also kick your ass. Or maybe I'll just subtly (or not so subtly) tell the others (or maybe even you) why you're a piece of shit. You don't really get to pick what it'll be. You might get a nickname even if I like you, honestly. _tells_: lower voice with some vocal fry, generally all-around anger issues, extremely high self-opinion, not a team player but big on encouraging self-advocacy of other system members ### Elliot Kinkade (Kade) Delaney 20s?, queer bisexual enby boy _pronouns_: he/him, they/them _first appearance_: 5 October 2020, split from Dani Hey, everybody! I'm Kade, and I'm a soft femme-y queer boy and yeah I know that's weird for this system but whatevs lol! (Please do not call me a man because I am absolutely not that.) Oh, also I'm a lifehacker! The others say I'm some kind of genious but I wouldn't go that far. I do try to solve all sorts of problems. I come up with new stuff, I fix old stuff. I dunno. It just comes to me! Really I just like things being as efficient as they can be. (Yes I totally named myself after Elliot from Mr. Robot lol) (Though I could always say it's for Elliot Page :thinking_face:) ## Other Members ### Alana Dee "DeeDee" :hatching_chick: 6ish, girl _pronouns_: she/her _first appearance_: 1988?, resurfaced 26 June 2017, discovered January 2020? DeeDee is a quiet and severely depressed little girl who is possibly prone to tantrums. She is also the namesake of the system, having appeared circa 1988, dressing up as a girl and claiming to be PD(1)'s sister. Responsible for telling Del and Lane we were transgender in June 2017. ### <Unknown>/The Axe Man :skull_and_crossbones: *first appearance*: mid to late 80s, resurfaced 1 November 2019 Antagonist. Transphobic. Physically hot (as in temperature), has a large axe sometimes. Our earliest memory of him is from a dream we had when we were a child. His part of the headspace appears to be a burning subterranean hellscape. ### The Librarian *first appearance*: 8 April 2020 Talks to Lane when they are querying system memories. ## Former/Dormant Members ### PD (1) ~20 (at time of disappearance/integration), closeted bisexual, transfeminine egg *pronouns*: he/him *first appearance*: unknown, possibly 1982 *last appearance*: summer 2002 Probably the original, maybe. Creative, sensitive, logical, shy, perpetually lonely. Could be proto-Lane/Adelia/Dani. ### PD (2) ~20 (at time of disappearance/integration) *pronouns*: he/him *first appearance*: mid to late 90s *last appearance*: summer 2002 Outgoing, wild, loud, full of himself, considered PD (1) to be weak. Could be proto-Mena/Dani.