# workshops descriptions ###### tags: `WORK STATION FOR ARTIST` [ENCUENTRO TECNOFEMINISTA CYBORGRRRLS-ConstanzaPiña](https://lkl-cloud.clab.org.tw/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/TECHNOIA/proposals&openfile=1070) [賽博格女孩ConstanzaPiña_Chinese](https://lkl-cloud.clab.org.tw/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/TECHNOIA/proposals&openfile=1148) [Fuck the sound check-ConstanzaPiña](https://lkl-cloud.clab.org.tw/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/TECHNOIA/proposals&openfile=1071) [previous workshop images- ConstanzaPiña](https://lkl-cloud.clab.org.tw/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/TECHNOIA/proposals/constanza-workshop_pix&fileid=1072) 1) Technologies of sensuality, sensoriality and corporality *“Repressive or liberating technologies depending on who controls them” It is a space for questioning and disarticulation of normative and limiting categories assigned to sex, gender and in general to bodies from the free exploration of them. In this laboratory we are interested in approaching technology as a possibility of expansion and reformulation of the human race, and as a tool that provides us with multiple possibilities to rebuild our body from our desires and freedoms, breaking the binaries between man / woman, natural / artificial, human / animal, meat / machine, among others. Because technologies are not only tools for production of capital and machine bodies to produce and reproduce. We want to establish an intimate relationship between human bodies and machine bodies, seeing technology as new possibilities of production of pleasure, enjoyment, self-satisfaction and eroticism. The idea of the workshop is to imagine together a speculative body and create feminist DIY sex toys and pleasure machines. activities: Talk about sensuality, sensoriality, expanded corporeality (non-human bodies, monsters, cyborgs) Imagine and draw a speculative body Design and model feminist sex toys Starting in handmade electronics and DIY vibrators with recycling materials Make feminist sex toys for a individual or a collective queer body. 2. Fuck the soundcheck: Against sexist violence in the sound test. The world of audio, recording, and sound design, at the intersection of music and electronics, has largely been dominated by men and capitalist companies building and selling equipment. Women and people of other genders are being discriminated against, harassed, being mansplained to, and their knowledge is belittled and not taken seriously. The dreaded sound check has become a place where these behaviours towards women and musicians of other genders are normalized. While music festivals are bragging about achieving parity in their lineup, artists are still being looked upon by old school sound technicians, who often view their know-how as a well-kept secret that helps them evade precarity. The sound check should be a learning experience, not a time-consuming, draining, or uncomfortable one! Are you tired that every time you go to play you feel attacked or underestimated by the soundman? Don’t you want to be harassed or intimidated before your concert? Are you starting your sound project and have you never connected to a P.A? Do you want to learn how to use a professional mixer to have control of your sound test? Do you want to learn how to handle the mixer creatively, assemble or repair your own audio cables? Fuck the sound check! is a space safe from sexist violence, where women and no binary people can share knowledge about audio, sound design, recording, and musical experimentation. It is a collective, horizontal and tecnofeminist learning space (we are all teachers and students) where we will learn from each other. Bring your electronic instruments, cables, mixer, microphones and whatever you have to play, share and clear up your doubts about audio chains and sound systems. If you don’t have instruments and you just want to learn, you are welcome!!! Don’t stay out come make noise with us !! AIM Learn about DIY instruments and sound systems in a collective, horizontal and techno-feminist way. Change oppressive language in audio Create a link with different feminist collectives in Latin America, Europe and Taiwan. Via streaming to share knowledge, local reality about music and sound, get to know each other and make noise. Activities: DIY CHAOS : Starting in electronics / Circuit bending / Hardware hacking / Our first oscillators / DIY synth with arduino Jam sessions Let’s Noise! Learning together about sound systems / changing oppressive language in audio ![](https://i.imgur.com/B0S2VNT.jpg)