# Towards RMPL 1. How do you introduce computational thinking in low-literate contexts using non-linear, media-centric programming metaphors? 2. What are the rules and grammar of this metaphor? [toc] ## non-linear storytelling * http://korsakow.tv/ * http://korsakow.com/ (has a clickable wall and a spreadsheet of 3rd party korsakow films) ## SNU and POC * https://vimeo.com/37364528 * https://silo.tips/downloadFile/the-living-documentary-from-representing-reality-to-cocreating-reality-in-digita * https://docubase.mit.edu/playlist/the-interactive-documentary-my-life-my-passion-my-playlist/ ## Warli Visuals * https://www.ntm.org.in/download/ttvol/volume10-1/Translation-and-Nonverbal-Communication.pdf ## Other references *Thesis* * Rehearsing Reality: An Interactive Docufragmentary Exploration of the Theatre of the Oppressed's Engagement with the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) (2007, Simões, Nenita Gouveia) https://ualresearchonline.arts.ac.uk/id/eprint/5636/1/510608.pdf General Storytelling studies * http://dnaanthology.com/anvc/dna/case-study-korsakow Examples: * https://cis-india.github.io/cybersecurityvisuals/index Non-linear tapestries in a linear constructs (paul and padmini) * https://ai-observatory.github.io on language of AI and digital revolution in India documenting the use of Automated Decision Making Systems (ADMS) * Gaudenzi, Sandra. 2013. The Living Documentary: from representing reality to co-creating reality in digital interactive documentary . Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London. [Thesis] : Goldsmiths Research Online. Available at: http://research.gold.ac.uk/7997/ * https://hackmd.io/@miximon/rJl7uDVyO Annotating Academic Research * General repo of audio-video tools https://github.com/omarcostahamido/awesome-networked-media ## Tools for media making activities: 1. Filters in snapchat 2. [thisissand](https://thisissand.com): interaction with colour 3. [blob opera](https://artsandculture.google.com/experiment/blob-opera/AAHWrq360NcGbw) 4. try to find flash alternative: [wick](https://www.wickeditor.com/#/) key frame animator 5. [neocities](https://neocities.org) 6. [glitch](glitch.com) and remixing code 7. processing- direction, programming ideas + web literacy wheel 8. composition fragment identification 9. fragments connecting to each other to form a flow 10. in terms of bridge 11. [spark ar](https://sparkar.facebook.com/ar-studio/) 12. [snap studio](https://lensstudio.snapchat.com) 13. the linguistic metaphors of programming 14. void setup tell all the context 15. [toontalk](https://toontalk.github.io/ToonTalk/): Child oriented programming language 16. [Scratch](https://scratch.mit.edu) 17. Warli-processing-programming thing 18. python library for game development 19. Visual flow code.. https://codepen.io/Ni55aN/pen/rpOKNb 19. https://twinery.org 20. By retejs https://github.com/retejs/rete 21. https://developers.google.com/blockly 22. http://html.energy