# How Can I Find the Latest UGC CARE List of Approved Journals for Research UGC (University Grants Commission) is the apex regulatory body in India for universities. It promotes university education, coordinates them, frames rules & maintains standards. It also acknowledges universities and provides funds to them. It also keeps a reference list of quality journals for research purposes. These are classified into two groups, namely CARE and A-list journals. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Sy_na90ep.jpg) **How to Find the Latest UGC CARE List of Approved Journals for Research?** The UGC CARE (Consortium for Academic Research and Ethics) is India’s academic regulator. It is responsible for the coordination of higher education in India and establishing a set of standards that universities must meet to be recognized. It also monitors scholarly journals for any potential issues of plagiarism or low quality. This helps prevent universities from publishing in predatory/dubious journals that damage the reputation of Indian academia. Hence, if you are looking for a good scholarly journal to publish your research paper, then we suggest that you check the **[UGC Care List 2023](https://zonduo.com/ugc-journal.html)** of approved journals on ABCD portal. This will provide you with correct information about the journal such as ISSN number, Indexing, Submission Link and area of publication. So, you can easily find a journal that is suitable for your research. **Step 1: Login to UGC CARE** In the past, many scholars published their research in journals that were not vetted by UGC CARE. These “pay-and-publish” journals violated academic ethics and compromised the quality of knowledge creation. This trend led to a rise in predatory journals that corrupted the academic publishing landscape. To counter this issue, the University Grants Commission established a prestigious journal list called CARE. This list identifies high-quality journals that are scholarly and publish original research. It also helps faculty members distinguish between genuine scholarly publications and predatory journals. The CARE Journal List is dynamic and updated quarterly. It also has a grievance portal that allows researchers to report bogus publications. Journals that fail to meet the standards of CARE are discontinued from the list. This ensures that only credible journals are listed in the CARE journal list 2021. **Step 2: Select the Journals** To maintain the quality of research, UGC has set up a Journal Analysis Cell at Savitribai Phule Pune University to assess and approve journals through strict protocols. The UGC CARE list was created to promote quality research and prevent publications in predatory or dubious journals. The journals on the UGC CARE list must be well established, peer-reviewed, and adhere to strict publishing ethics. Moreover, the research must be novel and noteworthy with significant results that add to existing knowledge in the field. The research must also be well-documented and contain a clear scientific writing style. In addition, the research must be based on original and authentic data. Finally, the research should be aimed at solving real-world problems and have a high social impact. Only then will the journals on the UGC CARE list be considered as legitimate. **Step 3: Select the Subject** UGC CARE is an initiative by the University Grants Commission to promote quality research, academic integrity, and publication ethics. It also aims to prevent publications in dubious/predatory/sub-standard journals that reflect negatively and tarnish the image of Indian academia. Hence, it is important for budding scholars, researchers, professors, and students to choose the right journal for their research. This can help them in getting better job opportunities and boost their academic career. Choosing the wrong journal can lead to rejection of the manuscript or the article. To avoid such a situation, we suggest you to select only from the UGC CARE list of journals 2021. This will ensure that your research is published in a high-quality, legitimate, and peer-reviewed journal. It can also improve your chances of getting your article accepted by other journals. **Step 4: Select the Journals** To maintain the quality of research publications, UGC came up with a list of journals called the CARE Journals. This list includes journals that are indexed in international databases. In addition, the CARE Journals are published in regional languages like Hindi and Tamil. The CARE journals are categorized into two groups: Group I and Group II. The journals in Group I have been qualified through a rigorous process. They follow the global standards of research and academic writing. In contrast, the journals in Group II have been qualified through a more loose process. The UGC CARE journal list is essential for researchers who want to be recognized for their work. The number of articles published in reputed journals is an important factor when evaluating faculty members and awarding research awards.