# Libs-API Meeting 2023-04-04 ###### tags: `Libs Meetings` `Minutes` **Meeting Link**: https://meet.jit.si/rust-libs-meeting-crxoz2at8hiccp7b3ixf89qgxfymlbwr **Attendees**: Amanieu, David, Mara, The 8472, Urgau ## Agenda - Triage - Library team meetup - Triaging ACPs in weekly meetings? - Anything else? ## Triage ### (nominated) rust.tf/54140 *Tracking Issue: Procedural Macro Diagnostics (RFC 1566)* New design idea (from Esteban and Mara) here: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/54140#issuecomment-1487529341 Open question: silencing warnings/notes? Some thoughts here: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/54140#issuecomment-1488547390 David: clippy already has many warnings that aren't of the highest quality, what should we expect from proc macros from the ecosystem? Do we need a top level "note"? Maybe that should be "trace" or "debug" if that's how it's intended to be used? Main reason people want this today is because of warnings/notes, as errors are already possible with a hack. So only stabilizing error() doesn't help that much. 'handle' style API seems good. Only open question is the lint/suppression question. David: the lint!(just_the_name) idea could work. Documentation could just be a doc comment on the static item. Open question on how to namespace lints from proc macros. E.g. `#[allow(clippy::blah)]` doesn't refer to the _create_ "clippy". ### (nominated) rust.tf/109660 *Document that SystemTime does not count leap seconds* This is true on most (all?) operating systems, but do we want to guarantee that? We do define it as a _unix_ timestamp, which doesn't include leap seconds.. Converting a SystemTime to an actual date+time means subtracting UNIX_EPOCH and interpreting the Duration, assuming no leap seconds. So crates already assume this. SystemTimes can be created for the future, and we don't know the future leap seconds yet. :+1: no leap seconds. ### (nominated) rust.tf/rfc3240 *Edition Based Method Disambiguation: Preventing inference ambiguity breakages with extension trait methods* Postponed until the in-person meetup. ### (nominated) rust.tf/rfc3362 *Command improvements for ergonomics and error handling* No updates. To be discussed in the in-person meetup. ### (nominated) rust.tf/rfc3365 *RFC: re\-export stdlib macros from submodules* Discussed last time. Posted the conclusion an hour ago. ### (waiting-on-team) rust.tf/99262 *Tracking Issue for \`io\_error\_downcast\`* Just needs a `@bors rfc merge`? David to check the thread before starting FCP. ### Triaging ACPs in weekly meetings? We don't have a good process for closing an ACP. And we don't define a time for the 'initial commenting period'. Let's update docs and processes during the in-person meetup. Maybe just re-use the MCP tooling that the lang+compiler team already use. ### FCPs 1 rust-lang/rfcs T-libs-api FCP - merge rust.tf/rfc3394 *format\-dynamic\-fill* - (4 checkboxes left) 11 rust-lang/rust T-libs-api FCPs - merge rust.tf/107624 *Stabilize \`const\_cstr\_methods\`* - (3 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/88581 *Tracking Issue for \`int\_roundings\`* - (1 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/80437 *Tracking Issue for \`box\_into\_inner\`* - (1 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/91946 *Tracking Issue for \`io::Error::other\`* - (3 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/98461 *Document lack of panic safety guarantees of \`Clone::clone\_from\`* - (0 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/52331 *Correcting Path::components on Redox* - (5 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/82901 *Tracking Issue for \`Option::get\_or\_insert\_default\`* - (2 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/83871 *Tracking Issue for CharIndices::offset function* - (4 checkboxes left) - close rust.tf/51540 *Tracking issue for the #\[alloc\_error\_handler\] attribute (for no\_std + liballoc)* - (3 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/88989 *Tracking Issue for #!\[feature(unix\_chown)\]* - (4 checkboxes left) - merge rust.tf/102341 *Implement \`Neg\` for signed non\-zero integers.* - (3 checkboxes left) 1 rust-lang/stdarch T-libs-api FCP - merge github.com/rust-lang/stdarch/issues/1399 *Stabilize AArch64 AES/SHA1/SHA2 intrinsics* - (3 checkboxes left)