# PEH 2020-11-23 Meeting Agenda ###### tags: `Error Handling` `Minutes` - [2020-11-09 Meeting Minutes](https://hackmd.io/nWygbY49Rda-jXP4Qe1P8g) ## Action Items - Implement trait based proof of concept for `Backtrace` in `core` (Jane Lusby) - Update `object-provider` API in generic member access RFC (Jane Lusby) - Fix regressions caused by new impl error for `&'a E` change (unassigned) - Review the "Fix the error trait" tracking issue to figure out next steps (Oliver + Ashley Mannix) - Review the panic plan rfc (Jane Lusby) - reach out to the author of the error codes issue (Jane Lusby) - Get long-term blog post posted on Inside Rust blog (Sean Chen) - Resolve blockers in the backtrace stabilizition PR (Ashley Mannix) - Follow up with Amanieu to mark concerns on backtrace stabilization as resolved (Ashley Mannix) - Create an issue and gather resources to use as reference material for the Rust Error Book (Jane Lusby) - Review open issues related to Error Handling and collate (Oliver) ## Agenda Items - Review action items from last meeting # Attendees - Sean Chen - Jane Lusby - oliver :snowman: - Jeremiah Senkpiel - simulacrum - Ashley Mannix - Charles Ellis O'Riley Jr. # Meeting Minutes - Work continues on nicer assert messages (Charles O.) - [Stabilize the backtrace feature.](https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/72981) (Jeremiah S. & Ashley M.) - past final comments stage - stabilization has been unblocked - Blog Post (Sean C.) - ready to merge! - 'Fix the error trait' update (Oliver D. & Ashley M.) - posted and edited the tracking and related issues on GH (Ashley M.) - no forward momentum _but_ the activity on the issue was noticed and well received by a decent number of accounts on GH - next step is to push forward and continue capturing the attention of possible contributors as is most appropriate - currently no obvious blockers