Crypto currency is a hot topic of the current time in which a lot of people prefer working and doing transactions in. Although the trend of crypto is still on the note of a developing trend in the country of India whereas in the overseas it is a famous trending currency and people are actually performing their financial transactions through it and not just using it as an investment. We can see proper currency exchange in overseas countries who accept crypto currencies like bitcoin for exchange of their currencies. Therefore, it is important to look at the need of the crypto and the future of the crypto to understand how it works and how one can store it. But before moving ahead we are interested that our readers should also share their opinion with us by writing a guest post to us on the topic [Crypto Write For Us]( and the same can be shared with us by clicking on the link The way of storing cryptocurrency:- It is very important to note down that buying crypto is easy but storing and keeping them is not that easy as one needs to be sure that after buying crypto they store them safely so that the hackers and online thieves can not actually rob it. Therefore, proper wallets are designed on online platforms or online software where one can properly store them as these platforms and software are secured with a pin and proper locking system which can not be easily accessed by the hackers. One needs to buy these wallets from outside sources as well as each and every broker or currency exchange does not provide services of the wallet. Working nature of crypto currencies:- We know the fact that crypto currency is a blockchain system which is worked by the proper distributed ledger system in which there is a proper record of all the transactions which have been made and updated by all the currency owners or holders. The units which generally people buy in crypto are developed through a proper mathematical algorithm and process which has been known as mining which enables computers to solve complicated mathematical problems and thereafter develop and generate the coins or units. Crypto currency is not a thing which can be seen and touched rather it is an intangible asset which can be bought virtually and stored virtually. Therefore, crypto storing and working is also on the online platform and through the digital platform.