This year we've been building a very special project that launched this August. The project is called [zeroone]( and allows artists to create and distribute art for free. As you create on daily basis, you are recharging your mint pass allowing you to collect up to 10 pieces on the platform. Users don't have to own any crypto and they don't have to use Metamask oder other web3 wallets as we provide novel account abstraction technology which enables login via email or phone. <iframe style="width:100%;display:inline-block;padding:0px 0px 5px 0px" height="420"src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> The platform focuses on three things: **Create, Collect and Connect**. Since we've originally started development it was our highest priority to facilitate these functionalities by removing any gas fees from the artists and collectors. This post explains how we've achieved exactly this. # Making Web3 Accessible Zeroone is led by CEO [Ludovica]( and was originally imagined by [Colborn]( I worked very close with both of them on though processes around functionality and tokenomics from the start. During beta testing which took place on Avalanche testnet we received lots of positive feedback. We did some further finetuning around the mvp before it was deployed to Avalanche mainnet. [<img src=""/>]( Dune Analytics (2023-08-30) ## Brand Identity and Design The brand identity aswell as UX and UI were created by the incredible team at [Los Caballos]( who created a design language that speaks for itself. Continue to read and you will find a walkthrough of the actual dapp - you are gonna find the zeroone design language everywhere you look. [<img src=""/>]( [<img src="" width="33.33333%"/>]([<img src="" width="33.33333%"/>]([<img src="" width="33.333333%"/>]( [<img src=""/>]( ## The Technology Stack Our crew at [Qwellcode]( is responsible for the tech side. We've implemented the "zeroone Login" for users without any web3 footprint yet. Zeroone is fueled by the [Biconomy AA Stack]( enabling an ultra accessible web3 experience. The user logs into the dapp via [Particle Auth]( either via email, phone or web3 wallets. Smart contract calls are relayed, taking away any gas fees from users. All assets created on zeroone are standardized NFTs that can be transferred as you would expect. ![]( This opens up the full zeroone experience for all users without them having to own any crypto currency. Anyone can create and collect NFTs even with otherwise empty accounts. This massively improves the user onboarding into web3 and lets the overall dapp experience feel much more like a traditional webapp. In the dapp walkthough below you will learn the how and why. Btw: In case you wanna dig deeper into the Biconomy x Particle Network stack [read this blogpost]( to learn more details about the powerful account abstraction stack based on [ERC-4337]( # Dapp Walkthrough Create your own account on []( today and let us know what you think. Join the [Telegram]( to connect with the earliest artists and collectors as well as with the zeroone team. ## The Login System While traditional web3 users will probably choose Metamask or WalletConnect to sign in, the zeroone login welcomes any user who are new to the web3 space. Just use your email address or phone number to create an account and let all the web3 smart contract stuff happens in the backend. Minting and Collecting has never been more accessible. [<img src=""/>]( [<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-right:1%"/>]([<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-left:1%"/>]( ## Exploring Art on Zeroone Once you're logged in you will see art. The coolest way to browse all these artworks on zeroone is with the Geo mode. Artists set their country which results in them and their mints being reflected on a world map. Currently we aggregate countries into continents but we've designed this view in a way that we can display on more granular levels. There are several other ways like the Discovery mode which enable you to explore all the art pieces that were created on zeroone. [<img src=""/>]( [<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-right:1%"/>]([<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-left:1%"/>]( As you are exploring the detail pages of various artworks you are invited to navigate the account pages of other collectors aswell as the profile of the artist who actually created it. Once you are on their account pages you can give them a follow to connect. You can make the best out of it. ## Setup your Zeroone Account But before you can collect anything on zeroone you have to create your first NFT. I most certainly believe that especially these days anyone can become an artist. Tools like Stable Diffusion can help you to manifest your visions, ideas and creative endeavours which we'd love to see on zeroone. If you don't want to create yourself you'll soon be able to purchase offers on secondary markets. As you create a new artwork on the zeroone platform your mint passes get recharged to 10 mints. Each one allows you to collect an edition on the platform. You might quickly end up with 10 tokenized artworks that speak to you and an error message saying you need to create another piece of art before you can collect more. Each creation starts a 24h cooldown. [<img src=""/>]( [<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-right:1%"/>]([<img src="" width="49%" style="padding-left:1%"/>]( The account page is pretty sleak. The profile setup has been narrowed down to core data fields with most inputs being optional. Artists and collectors can decide how much of their identity they want to unveil and the connect system allows users to follow eachother. # More Features Coming Soon Keep in mind that this is just the MVP release. The zeroone team has an unique vision and our crew at [Qwellcode]( continues to fully support the project in any technical regard. If you are looking for artworks to collect, check out [my artist profile]( on zeroone and drop a follow. [<img src=""/>]( My genesis piece "Rabbit Holes" is a nod to the [Museum Of Crypto Art]( with 27 editions live on zeroone. You can get your edition [here](