# Aug 8, 2022 Payload Reconstruction Bug ## Background Terence first notifies us of an interesting bug he observes with the `--enable-only-blinded-beacon-blocks` feature flag - Prater node, v2.1.4.rc1 - No EL client - Post bellatrix, but before the merge > {"error":"could not fetch execution block with txs by hash 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000: timeout from http.Client","message":"Could not get reconstruct full bellatrix block from blinded body","prefix":"sync","severity":"ERROR"} hash=0 does not mean empty payload. We check with two means: TTD (which we don't have due to the EL being unavaibale) and empty payload (which we don't have due to the block being blind) so the client is requesting the block with hash 0 to the engine, to find out if it's empty but I would argue that if we are going to treat the zero hash as the same as "empty payload" then we should check for that and nothing else As for the check for zero hash: I think we should simplify then our routine to check for the merge block and simply check the hash of the payload to be zero instead of all the non-empty checks we run