# How Do I Stop My HP Printer from Printing a Test Page? ![](https://i.imgur.com/h2OPGQ1.jpg) Are you facing the problem that your **printer print tests page after every job** then you are at the right place and will get the most apt information in this blog. There is a proper process by which you have to go through which is given below for you, you just need to make sure that the steps are executed properly avoiding any mistakes. **Steps to follow to get rid of the problem you are facing –** 1. The first step to fix the problem of [HP printer print test page every time](https://www.printeralign.com/print-test-page-on-hp-printer) is to click on the Start button. 2. In the second step the users should hit the Control Panel button to continue. 3. After the control panel the users have to hit the devices and printers and then click on the HP printer icon. 4. Now for the final step the users should click cancel on the “listing for your test page” option. 5. Once you have clicked on that option it will stop form printing a test page after every job. If the users seek to look for more clued-up information, they can always visit the printeralign.com website which is a verified site and has quality content on it.