# EIPsInsight website (Additional stats.) ## About EIPsInsight.com [EIPsInsight.com](https://eipsinsight.com/) is an addition to Ethereum tooling projects. It is a dashboard to share EIPs statistics with a quick analysis. The website is developed to replace the EIPs Insight monthly report curated by Pooja Ranjan (ECH). Read more about [version 1.0 here.](https://hackmd.io/@poojaranjan/EIPsInsight#EIPsInsight-website-version-10) ## New requirements (Nov 23, 2022) ### 1. How long it takes from created date to final/withdrawn? * **Solution 1**: Render status change with date for each EIP on EIP page * **Solution 2**: Update table to reflect Draft (merged date) and Final (merged date) ![](https://i.imgur.com/YIu0sWx.png) * **Qn**: Do we need a chart (no. of EIPs reaching to `Final` status vs number of days)? ### 2. How long PRs wait for editor review? (We can use additinal information for specific requirement; if it is different from the above request.) ### 3. Editor comments per status changing PR **Possible solution** * Count the number of comments on a "Status Change" PR, Filter it for EIP editors (from a list of active editors) and display it for every status ![](https://i.imgur.com/wrVGZGf.png) **Questions** * Do we want to display any chart? If so, what are the feilds? * Getting commit comments is also possible to count and display, if that's the requirement. ### 4. A graph with a Y axis of "number of editor comments on PRs changing status" and time on the X axis. (Is it the same as above?) ## EIPsInsight website version 1.0 As of today, the website is used for * Searching an EIP by number, author, type, category, status and key words. * Charts for the current distribution of * EIPs Types & Categories * EIPs Statuses * Charts for * Number of EIPs in each status (`Living`, `Final`, `Last Call`, `Review Draft`) since 2015. * Yearly insight based on * Types & Categories (Meta, Informational, Standard Track - Core, ERC, Networking, Interface) and * Statuses.