# Lab 2 part B ## Sending data from a LoPy with the PySense board. Using as a reference the information of the previous part A, we will create a MicroPython periodic publisher that sends the temperature values sensed with your PySense to the variable you created in your Ubidots account. Use as a reference the `main.py` code in https://github.com/pmanzoni/pythonMQTT_062018/tree/master/code/lab2 Properly assign the values of the variables: ```shell=python wifi_ssid = 'THE_NAME_OF_THE_AP' wifi_passwd = 'THE_WIFI_PASSWORD' broker_addr = 'THE_NAME_OF_THE_BROKER' dev_id = 'NAME_YOUR_DEVICE' topic_is = "TOPIC_TO_BE_USED" ``` Load all the content of the directory `lib` and your modified file `main.py` to the LoPy and execute it. Now check what happens in your Ubidots account. Are the data correctly arriving? ## Third step: creating dashbord elements. Ubidots allows to visulaze the data in various graphical ways. Go to the Dashboard section and add new widget associated with the variable of your device. ![](https://i.imgur.com/YDQBZ4z.png) See the alternatives you have and how they can be configured.