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Let's get back to the roots. # The Ethereum Cypherpunk Manifesto We, the proponents of Ethereum and the principles of cypherpunk ideology, declare our commitment to the advancement of the core principles **privacy**, **security**, and **censorship resistance** in the digital realm. In the spirit of the original [Cypherpunk Manifesto](https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html) penned by [Eric Hughes](<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Hughes_(cypherpunk)>), we present this manifesto tailored to the ethos of Ethereum.[^1] ### Our Core Principles #### Privacy We believe in the fundamental right to privacy as a cornerstone of individual freedom. Privacy is not merely a luxury but a necessity in the digital age, particularly in realms such as communication, finance, voting, healthcare, and identity/reputation, where confidentiality holds pivotal importance. No personal data shall be disclosed without the explicit consent of the data owner. We advocate for the integration of privacy-preserving technologies, such as zero-knowledge proofs, stealth addresses, or homomorphic encryption, into the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling users to transact, interact, and authenticate with confidence and anonymity. #### Security We recognise the paramount importance of security in the design and implementation of decentralised systems. Through rigorous testing, auditing, and the development of best practices, we endeavour to fortify the Ethereum network and application layer against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. We steadfastly uphold the principle of never compromising on security within the Ethereum ecosystem, without exception. #### Censorship Resistance We honour that censorship resistance epitomises Ethereum's prowess in thwarting arbitrary denialism, whether it be at the base consensus layer or within applications, ensuring that transactions, smart contracts, or data remain unencumbered by a central authority. We reject any form of censorship and strive to create censorship-resistant systems that withstand external pressures and protect freedom of expression. We acknowledge decentralisation as a pathway towards achieving censorship resistance, thus regarding it as an integral facet in the broader principle of censorship resistance. Smart contracts deployed on Ethereum provide avenues for creating uncensorable applications and services, ensuring that information flows freely without interference from intermediaries or gatekeepers. ### Our Pillars The core principles **privacy**, **security**, and **censorship resistance** are the underlying preconditions for our pillars **immutability**, **decentralised governance**, **open access**, **global collaboration**, and **continuous evolution**. #### Immutability We are aware that immutability serves as the bedrock upon which Ethereum is built, guaranteeing trust and integrity within its decentralised network. Ethereum's ledger ensures the permanent recording of transactions and smart contracts. Once data is added, it becomes unchangeable, preserving the transparency and accuracy of historical transactions. By preventing fraud and unauthorised alterations, immutability affirms trust and reliability in the Ethereum ecosystem. Eventually, it defends against censorship and government interference, reinforcing Ethereum's commitment to decentralisation and democratisation. #### Decentralised Governance We uphold the tenets of decentralisation as a means to cultivate resilience, fairness, and inclusivity. Decentralised governance mechanisms, such as DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations), empower communities to make collective decisions without reliance on centralised authorities. Ethereum serves as a platform for experimentation with novel governance models that prioritise transparency and participation, ensuring adherence to established rules while allowing for confidential voting processes. Additionally, we advocate for the adoption of decentralised identity solutions to mitigate the risks associated with centralised points of failure. #### Open Access We advocate for open access to the Ethereum network, fostering innovation, and enabling anyone to participate in the digital economy. An imperative addition lies in embracing open standards, guaranteeing accessibility to all fundamental functionalities across the Ethereum ecosystem, stimulating the creation of interoperable solutions, and mitigating undue advantages for centralised entities. Ethereum's permissionless architecture allows individuals from all walks of life to build, deploy, and interact with applications, democratising access to financial services, digital assets, and financial protocols. #### Global Collaboration We embrace the spirit of global collaboration and inclusivity, recognising that diversity strengthens the Ethereum community. We welcome contributions from developers, researchers, and enthusiasts worldwide β€” be it from the Ethereum community or from other communities that share the same core principles β€” nurturing an environment of open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and mutual respect. The global collaboration of Ethereum not only amplifies its reach but also enhances the network's resilience, fortifying it against both internal vulnerabilities and external adversities. #### Continuous Evolution We acknowledge that the Ethereum ecosystem is in a constant state of evolution, driven by technological advancements, community feedback, and emerging use cases, whilst preserving the core principles of privacy, security, and censorship resistance. We advocate for ongoing research and development efforts to improve scalability, interoperability, and sustainability, ensuring that Ethereum remains at the forefront of innovation in the decentralised space. Over time, the balance between the protocol and application layers may fluctuate, influenced by factors such as technological innovation, market demand, regulatory developments, and community preferences. Nevertheless, both layers are essential components of the Ethereum ecosystem, working in tandem to drive innovation and adoption in the decentralised space. --- In conclusion, we, the Ethereum Cypherpunks, **stand united in our pursuit of a more private, secure, and censorship-resistant future**. By upholding these core principles and actively contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem, we strive to realise the full potential of blockchain technology as a force for positive change in the world. Let us proceed together apace. Onward. --- _Special thanks go to [Micah Zoltu](https://github.com/MicahZoltu), [Paul Dylan-Ennis](https://twitter.com/post_polar_), [Vitalik Buterin](https://vitalik.eth.limo), and [Zooko](https://twitter.com/zooko) for feedback and review. IMPORTANT: The individuals previously mentioned do not necessarily agree with the content of the manifesto in its entirety and may hold differing perspectives on specific parts._ [^1]: Please note that the order presented does not imply any hierarchy of principles.