# g0v: Sociometric Badges :red_circle: **You are HERE:** http://link.g0v.network/sociometric-badges :::warning Quicklinks: [Chat Logs](https://g0v-slack-archive.g0v.ronny.tw/index/channel/CDB9WDRH6) | [GSheet Data](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSAATEkbLkV2WBjTKi6NyAyRwMRTKHSMc90ohGy0Dc/edit#gid=0) | [:arrow_forward: Social Physics?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMBl0ttu-Ow) ::: :::info Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to contribute! :tada: - Interested in following? Sign in and click "<i class="fa fa-bell"></i> WATCH" in the top-right to get sane email notifications. ::: The purpose of this resource is to plan how to run experiments with sociometric badges, to help our communities better understand themselves. ![](https://i.imgur.com/0yvRruo.png?2) --- ## Table of Contents - [Contributing](#Contributing) - [Summary](#Summary) - [Resources](#Resources) - [Open Questions](#Open-Questions) - [Meetings](#Meetings) **Legend:** :mag: Fact :heart: Feeling :bulb: Idea :star: Action Items --- ## Contributing - **Chat / Slack** - ~~Go to [join.g0v.today](join.g0v.today), and find `#holopolis` channel. [(chat logs)](https://g0v-slack-archive.g0v.ronny.tw/index/channel/CDB9WDRH6)~~ - ~~We exchange ideas, chat and sync up there~~ - Meetup **in person** - ~~Informal and semi-regularly hangouts at Taipei Hackerspace open house (Tues/Thurs) and vTaiwan open meetings (Wed). We meet during these other meetings, but _not at every one_!~~ - Ask in Slack for details! ## Summary ### Potential Experiments - :soon: Run an in-person sentiment mapping exercise via pol.is (vTaiwan-related) - Run a public sociometric experiment at a jothon #### Experiment #1: vTaiwan Pilot - Based on [a prior workshop format](https://rightscon2018.sched.com/event/EHoQ/we-can-do-it-empathic-citizen-led-consensus-building-at-scale-a-workshop-for-aspiring-g0v-nobodies) from RightsCon 2018 - involved setting up a physical demo of polis dynamics, using 3 corners of room for agree/disagree/unsure, and asking people to move around in response to previously-submitted statements - in original workshop, polis visualization was generated by participants on phones after the physical space demo - Use openbadge-hub to puppet a pol.is conversation, acting on behalf of many users. - Pol.is authentication (mostly undocumented) - pol.is is very configurable via iframe. [Documentation.](https://docs.pol.is/usage/UserAuthorization.html#proprietary-auth) - on first visit, user can be created via from iframe data attributes. [Link to relevant code.](https://github.com/pol-is/polisClientParticipation/blob/304c9929ebbc0a3e1bf57122dd4798fd4c32a61d/api/embed.js#L42-L44) (undocumented) ### Notes - :mag: iBeacons can be used to localize badges ([found here: Example 3](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge-analysis-examples/blob/master/notebooks/hub_proximity_example.ipynb)) ## Resources - **Books** (:money_with_wings: buy / :skull: download links) - :grey_question:[:skull:](https://libgen.pw/item/detail/id/1172373?id=1172373) Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread -- The Lessons from a New Science - [Chinese Translation](http://tech-marsw.logdown.com/blog/2015/01/31/digest-social-physics-how-good-ideas-spread-the-lessons-from-a-new-science) - [:money_with_wings:](https://www.amazon.com/People-Analytics-Technology-Transform-Business/dp/0133158314):grey_question: People Analytics - **Papers** - [Rhythm: A Unified Measurement Platform for Human Organizations](https://sci-hub.tw/10.1109/MMUL.2018.112135958) (MIT Human Dynamics Lab, 2018) - **Research Groups** - [MIT Media Lab: Human Dynamics Group](https://www.media.mit.edu/groups/human-dynamics/overview/) | [code](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/114) - [SocioPatterns](http://www.sociopatterns.org/) | [code](https://github.com/SocioPatterns) - Official Website: [Rhythm Badges.](http://www.rhythm.mit.edu/rhythm-badges/) aka openbadge - GitHub Repo: [`HumanDynamics/OpenBadge`](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge) - [OpenBadge PCB files for most recent version](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/tree/master/eagle/nRF_badge/Badge_03_v6_LIS2DH12_breakout/export) Used for ordering boards. - Email: [Members of Taipei Hackerspace offer advice on fabricating PCBs](https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/taipeihackerspace/KuZi6BHAS4U) - Google Spreadsheet: [Pricing for building small-batch components](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSAATEkbLkV2WBjTKi6NyAyRwMRTKHSMc90ohGy0Dc/edit#gid=0) - [Business to do laser-cutting](https://www.google.com/maps/place/%E5%92%8C%E4%BA%9E%E5%A3%93%E5%85%8B%E5%8A%9B%E6%9C%89%E9%99%90%E5%85%AC%E5%8F%B8/@25.0530659,121.5161014,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xb01dfa04f7dba30d!8m2!3d25.0530659!4d121.5161014?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjL5oD8loPeAhWMFYgKHaQJAVcQ_BIwDnoECAoQCw&shorturl=1) - [Holopolis](http://holopolis.pdis.tw/) is a related "open project" run by [PDIS](https://pdis.nat.gov.tw) in the Taiwanese government. ## Open Questions - patcon: After reading [@OrenLederman's response](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/108#issuecomment-429346597) and going through the mentioned resources: - [ ] When [building the frame](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/wiki/Open-Badge-V3.0#programmer-frame), was the pogo programmer header flipped? - [ ] When building the frame, the resources mention "soldering to the pogo pcb", but it seems to be all sockets/headers. What soldering was required? - [ ] When [building the programmer itself](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/wiki/Open-Badge-V3.0#building-a-programmer), how is the 2x3 header soldered on? It looks like it's all protruding from one side (facing dev-kit board), but then a cable's socket seems to be attached from other side. - [ ] Are there any GCode or SVG files for laser-cutting the programmer frame? - `openbadge-hub-py` - [ ] The Raspian images [you recommend](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge-hub-py/blob/master/compose/openbadge-hub-py/Dockerfile_jessie_dev) are for codename Jessie. The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ seems to [have hardware that recommends codename Stretch.](https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/81725/raspbian-8-on-raspberry-pi-3-b). Do you have a specific type of Rpi that you'd recommend? - [ ] Is [ansible deployment](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/wiki/Deployment-with-Ansible) deprecated as [other places seem to imply?](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge-hub-py/tree/master/depricated_playbooks) - [ ] What are your thoughts for moving docs out of wiki and into the repo, where they will be versioned with the code? - [x] Can we order PCBs and assemble/solder this ourselves? - The v3 badge is very tiny -- many 0603 parts (0.06" x 0.03") surface mount (SMD) parts. While soldering SMD [is possible](https://hackaday.com/2016/03/17/so-youre-scared-of-surface-mount/), parts this small should be done by pick-and-place machine. - [ ] What do we tell PCB fabricator to avoid "tombstoning" that [Oren mentioned](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/108#issuecomment-429346597)? - [What Is PCB Tombstoning?](https://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/blog/what-is-pcb-tombstoning/) - [SMD component pad calculator](https://www.pcblibraries.com/forum/ipc7351-smd-pth-reference-calculators_topic785.html) ## Action Items - [x] Ask for help on Taipei Hackerspace mailing list. - [x] Decide on supplier/vendor: PCBway - [x] Do a dry run of submission to PCBway [(screenshot)](https://imgur.com/ds4d3wp) - [x] Download eagle software - [x] Contact HumanDynamics lab to confirm up-to-date version [(link)](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/108) - [ ] Contact PCBway to see whether they can fulfill - [ ] (optional) order digikey parts and send to pcbway (or get them to order) - [ ] Order a small batch of sociometric badges for pilot test (3 iBeacons + 15 pilot workshop participants) -- @sylin - [ ] Order 85 badges for community-scale experiment (100 total) - [ ] Get the openbadge hub running locally - [ ] Test how to puppet multiple users in a pol.is conversation via script - [ ] Allow hub to pupet a polis conversation based on data ## Meetings ### 2018-12-11 Badge Build Night :date: Tues, Dec 11 @ 21:00 - 02:00 TST :round_pushpin: Taipei Hackerspace :family: kevinphy, patcon - patcon's observations and someone with very little soldering experience - 350oF - do the pogo pin kit first, as pin-through-hole PTH is easiest - surface-mount technology/parts (SMT) have a reputation as intimidating compared to PTH - [Good friendly summary](https://medium.com/@rxseger/surface-mount-electronics-for-hobbyists-easier-than-you-think-fdd2dd60952b) - recommends a [$1 SMT practice board](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2016-New-Both-Sides-SMT-SMD-Electronic-Component-Welding-Practice-Board-PCB-Soldering-DIY-Kit-Skill/32595680463.html). should have bought this :) - patcon watched kevin to learn and irritate him - we't have a third-hand, so just used sticky tack to hold the board to the table. - no magifying device either, though that would have been a help - used [Bimo's assembled badge board photo](https://imgur.com/kcSEZ9W) from when his was assembled by PCBWay. - started with parts that seemed to have the closest/smallest footprints - patcon sorted parts by identifier on bags - then moved through parts in alpha order, but with chip last - used little bin the store the current batch of parts -- as in, C3 & C4 are same type, so we would pop them out of tape into bin at same time. - some parts have no polarity: resistors, ... #todo - bluetooth needed help identifying pins via datasheet - datasheets (linked from [octopart BOM](https://octopart.com/bom-tool/umnIrb6i)) are helpful (search "pin" or "polarity" if unsure) - accelerometer was by far the tinest and hardest. used "solder bump" technique: - smear solder just enough to cover footprints - apply solder paste with tweeers - heat gun - then apply part with tweezers - use heat gun with applied pressure until it settles, and you perhaps see solder come out sides - heat gun should be used sparingly. unsure if it damages some complex parts like the chip - chip: last pins on datasheet are underneath chip and hard to connect. they are optional grounds, and so not needed. We perhaps destroyed one chip with heat gun before realizing this. - make sure solder flowed to feet, and didn't just stick to pins/surface - using metal cord to pull excess solder from parts/board, if applied too much - test at end with batt or 3.2V current. Light should turn on. (minimal current reading though) ### 2018-12-10 Cafe Hangout :family: ansin, kevinphy, patcon :round_pushpin: - ansin in town - knows someone in finland who is doing a project on tech and faciliation - patcon & ansin talking about giving badge to her - connecting with ppl running facilitation workshops in her city - re: land development, but participatory design folks are interested in using it as a way to imagine democratic reform - ansin project - interative UI to let citizens have a more democratic experience - online portal, polis or kialo - need to design a set of values for charting course - values related to democracy - patcon: could this be as simple as consensus? could be dystopic if the consensus is bad, but what if consensus is all that's needed in a network governed by equitable idea flows? ### 2018-11-14 vTaiwan meeting :date: :family: bimo, patcon, rest of vTaiwan... :round_pushpin: Startup Hub Taipei - bimo shared that this was the book that brought him to subject: https://www.amazon.com/People-Analytics-Technology-Transform-Business/dp/0133158314 - patcon working on this today: https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/114 ### 2018-11-13 Hackerspace Open House :date: Tues, Nov. 14, 2018 @ 21:30 - 24:00 TST :round_pushpin: Taipei Hackerspace :family: kevinphy, patcon - kevinphy and patcon ordered parts for 10 boards - DigiKey.tw (for most every part) - Used [this octopart list](https://octopart.com/bom-tool/umnIrb6i) - to generate [this spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-5LKHB8ZZsGpXDV7_uw9EgDSq2FiReUh5wpzuG6iewk/edit#gid=1016563347) - which was pasted into 1clickbom.com browser plugin, and used to fill a shopping cart - plugin bug meant it would only fill the USA shopping cart, so had to "export" from USA store and re-import into TW store cart. - We also used our [information from another spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSAATEkbLkV2WBjTKi6NyAyRwMRTKHSMc90ohGy0Dc/edit#gid=0) to buy programmer parts from digikey - 1 [one KIT-11591 Pogo Adapter](https://www.digikey.tw/products/zh?keywords=KIT-11591) - 1 [nRF51-DK Development Kit](https://www.digikey.tw/product-detail/zh/nordic-semiconductor-asa/NRF51-DK/1490-1038-ND/5022449) - decided not to buy BLE beacons for now (since we can use the badges in a pinch) - the one capacitor we couldn't get from digikey was [available from another store](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Multilayer-Ceramic-Capacitors-MLCC-SMD-SMT_MuRata_GRM1885C1H120JA01D_12pF-120-5-50V_C71665.html) - there is a world-wide shortage of capacitors, and so hard to keep stock - was planning to buy 500 of that capacitor to have stock - kevinphy suggested we instead buy a similar component from local store - [ ] #todo buy component - @kevinphy - [ ] #todo share link here - @kevinphy - PCBWay (boards for badge and programmer) - prices from [before](https://hackmd.io/txrNRnNVSW-jI0kFH_udXg?view#2018-10-24-vTaiwan-Meeting) - 5 programmer boards - 20 badge boards - decided to buy [other few programmer parts](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSAATEkbLkV2WBjTKi6NyAyRwMRTKHSMc90ohGy0Dc/edit#gid=0) individually from local suppliers in person (programmer parts dervied from [this resource](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/wiki/Open-Badge-V3.0#building-a-programmer)) - [ ] (1) Micro USB cable (6') - [ ] (2) Break Away Headers - 8-pin - Long - Male (PTH, 0.1") - [ ] (1) Header - 8-pin Female (PTH, 0.1") - [ ] (1) Header - 2x3 (Male, 0.1") - [ ] (1) 6-pin IDC cable - Expecting everything to arrive within a week or so - digikey shipping from Minnesota ### 2018-11-07 vTaiwan Meeting - _patcon missed this week's meeting_ - _kevinphy busy_ ### 2018-11-08 :round_pushpin: Perch Cafe, Taipei :family: patcon - just patcon working away - Converte BOM csv into a shared Octopart BOM - [straight port version (no change)](https://octopart.com/bom-tool/TAh4HILh): USD$21.16 @ 20 - substituting out-of-stock parts and minimums - [preferring DigiKey](https://octopart.com/bom-tool/AOr15Gr4) USD$27.49/unit @ 20 - [cheapest](https://octopart.com/bom-tool/zvbAqaWB): USD$23.74/unit @ 20 - [patcon's fill comparison-BOM]() - [spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-5LKHB8ZZsGpXDV7_uw9EgDSq2FiReUh5wpzuG6iewk/edit#gid=1016563347) for 1ClickBOM orders - This one part is in really short supply. This is like the [only supplier](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Multilayer-Ceramic-Capacitors-MLCC-SMD-SMT_MuRata_GRM1885C1H120JA01D_12pF-120-5-50V_C71665.html) for small-batch. We should prob buy a bunch. 500 for $25 (shipping incl)? That's 250 badges. ### 2018-10-24 vTaiwan Meeting :date: Date: Wed, Oct 23 @ 7-11pm TST :round_pushpin: Location: Taipei Startup Hub, Taiwan :family: Participants: kevinphy, patcon, sylin, vtaiwan... - neat pcb fabber (h/t sylin): https://www.seeedstudio.com - allow sharing of projects for others to easily order. very user-friendly. - patcon and kevin [shared what they were doing with the larger group](https://g0v.hackpad.tw/20181024-vTaiwan-xHUkJdMjomp#:h=想和大家分享的) - ethan came, but couldn't find room, and after waiting awhile had to go elsewhere - [name=patcon] Sorry ethan! :frowning: - working with [BOM spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSAATEkbLkV2WBjTKi6NyAyRwMRTKHSMc90ohGy0Dc/edit#gid=0) - set up seeedstudio, and ran through a test order. Would cost USD$442 for 10 PCBA boards - only changed color and dimensions (30x70mm) - found part numbers for BOM and auto-calculations - going to try the cheaper taiwanese supplier, Taobao - back to pcbway, has special bom format. [tutorial.](https://www.pcbway.com/blog/PCB_Assembly/How_to_Build_a_BOM__Bill_Of_Materials_.html) (see linked example spreadsheet, which has new required "package" column.) - [x] kevin going to check with friend for recommendations :star: - friend said would be not much cheaper than seeed or pcbway if any supplier were assembling for us (will be about $150 extra?) - [ ] patcon going to try to fix pcbway :star: - [Output of helpful ULP plugins](https://imgur.com/a/0ZoojiH) I added to Eagle. - [x] patcon to play around with social sharing on seeed and pcdway :star: - PCBWay is the way to go. One-click ordering of boards, and BOM file can be attached to project page, for relatively simple ordering of assembly. Can use Mouser or Digikey project pages to share easily orderable lists of parts, for people who want to fab them themselves. - Seeed community hub is for simple pre-assembled kit projects, not designed boards - Created stub pages on PCBWay for [badge](https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Rhythm_Badge.html) and [programmer](https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Rhythm_Badge_Programmer.html). - [ ] kevin to ask friend about buying parts for self-assembly :star: - [ ] kevin to help patcon pay (blocked) :star: - [x] patcon getting low-qty quotes (3-5 units) from PCBway and seeed :star: - PCBWay quote (USD) [screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/RZrvqra) | Type | # | assembly | parts | board fab | |---|---|---|---|---| |badge| 20 | $106 | $671 | $47 | |badge| 5 | $88 | $178 | $39 | |programmer| 5 | $88 | $178 | $39 | - plus $15 "paypal" fee is on invoice? - Seeed: XXXX won't check - [x] patcon to contact openbadge team about hosting board on community platform :star: - [discussion thread](https://github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge/issues/109) - [ ] Fix up PCBWay project stubs (patcon) - [ ] Create BOM lists on Mouser/Digikey for programmer - [ ] Create BOM lists on Mouser/Digikey for badge - [ ] Get full quote for 5 self-assembled badges and a programmer ### 2018-10-23 Hackerspace Open House :date: Tues, Oct 22 @ 7:30-10pm TST :round_pushpin: Taipei Hackerspace :family: patcon, kevinphy - patcon misunderstood schedule and got there late - no progress, but commitment to meet at vTaiwan next day ### 2018-10-11 Hackerspace Open House :date: Tues, Oct 11 @ 8-12pm TST :round_pushpin: Taipei Hackerspace :family: patcon, kevinphy, ethan - patcon shared information on social physics, vtaiwan - kevinphy is g0v member, but less active - ethan is english-speaking. has been in japan, but new to taipei. curious about how the politics and culture works. interested in project - kevinphy expressed interest in joining to build to hardware sociometric badge - patcon invites kevinphy and ethan to attend a vtaiwan weekly meeting - kevin taught patcon how to word with eagle files - kevin took a first stab at trying to submit to PCBway for quote