# 2019-07-16 Toronto Workers Co-op: IDRC platformcoop convo <sup>[from template][template]</sup> [:date: Calendar][calendar] | [:cat: GitHub][gh] | [:open_file_folder: GDrive][gdrive] | [:notebook: Meeting Index][meetings] :clock1: **Time:** Tues, July 16 @ 3-4:15pm ET :round_pushpin: **Location:** https://meet.jit.si/hyphacoop :raising_hand: **Attending:** - dcwalk, Hypha [:bird:](https://twitter.com/dcwalk_) - jutta, IDRC [:bird:](https://twitter.com/juttatrevira) - patcon, Hypha [:bird:](https://twitter.com/patconnolly) - dana, IDRC [:bird:](https://twitter.com/artyyotty) - cheryl, IRDC [:bird:](hhttps://twitter.com/cherylhjli) - colin, IRDC [:bird:](https://twitter.com/colinbdclark) **Cultivator:** patcon **Notetaker:** dcwalk :pray: :tada: :::info :tada: Hello! If you're reading this, you're welcome to contribute! - Click top-left icon <i class="fa fa-pencil"></i> or press CTRL+ALT+E. ::: [TOC] ## Agenda - Intros (all) - Background - [Hypha Worker Co-operative](https://hypha.coop) (dcwalk) - [IDRC]() & [#PlatformCoop initiative]() (colin, dana, jutta) - Crisis Helpdesk opportunity (patcon) - :scroll: [Quicklinks for open project resources](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FTZhpbLtP92p-40vAjFi0n1kXeNrVFINMfDQbt5PVAw/edit#) ## Notes - Intros - dcwalk. aka Dawn Walker. [environmental data archiving](https://envirodatagov.org). [ournetworks event](https://ournetworks.ca). interested in open practices, and therefore hypha happened. - jutta: you sound perfect for a PostDoc with IRDC! Interested? dc: finishing phD with iSchool! - jutta. platformcoop dev kit. working with New School NYC. - crisis helpdesk project feel relevant because as undergrad, worked on rehab medicine and occupation therapy thesis at UofT Medecine. wanted to do thesis on toronto crisis centre, but was rejected because "didn't have rehab med focus". Was a battle to get approval. - colin clark. Endearingly freeze-framed. Associate Director of IRDC. work with design team, on new participatory and design practices. working with dev team to work on sys and tech that supports end user creativity. also, this #platformcoop project. - dana. designer at IDRC. Vancouver-based. IRDC for 7 yr. #platformcoops since last year. Passionate about coops; has history with them. - project relevance: workied with crisis centres and worked with old computer centres. feels lots of overlap - cheryl. civic tech shoutout! designer at IDRC. on platform coop project. - patcon: co-organizers civic tech, interested in people dynamics. wanting to be in service to places that don't have baked-in expertise. Interest in co-operative economy as a place to think about co-operative alignment with looser people spaces ## Background ### Hypha Worker Co-operative - very young. started talking formally last aug. but worked on other projects. knew interests. started with virtual retreat. to think about values. https://link.hypha.coop/retreat-playbook inspired by new economy projects. following nathan and trevor and platformcoops. just submitted articles of incorp. gearing up for first proejcts. working on learning together. being good neighbors, in physical space (Toronto) but also digitally (distributed web). - being thoughtful about what exists, open source but not dogmatic about it ### IDRC and Platform Co-operativism Kit - colin [disoriented by tool?] :) - dana: working with a number of partners, incl. self-employed women's assoc. in India. Did co-design sessions. worked with federation and individual co-ops. - learning commons tool for federation, sharing knowledge about running co-ops. A tool that could be contextualized to co-ops and applications. Start: resource library for platform.coop site - marketing tool/platform for running the business - thinking about governance tools as well, e.g., scheduling tools - short proj. one more year. - Working with co-rise in Chicago and doing co-design - Ketaqui in Brail, recycling collectives - Child care collective :( - home? Care providers collective in Australia - Common needs for partners and focusing on those tools - General approach: create a kit that can support a range of platform co-ops. Things that would benefit with pooling resources that a co-op would experience in mounting a platform - not about service, don't want to create a dependency. Instead a general resource. - Want to work with co-op that have unique and often unfulfilled challenges - patcon: #question interest in platformcoop vs coop? relation? ecology? - no form of sequence. new, migration, spinning up. variety of entry points. difficulty in sharing/pooling resources and want to add platform. re: learning commons. ### Crisis Helpdesk Software Opportunity - Kim Allen, Primal Glow, research role but also a "sherpa" for tech things - Came and presented about project at Civic Tech Toronto (at beginning based on introduction from Girl Guides!) - Loose coalition of crisis centres ~30, literature review, submitted report - Funding opportunity/invitation to build a thing. Small seed grant $75,000; feels urgency to do something early but interested in continuing a focus on fit, design perspective throughout - Has a way forward, but still looking to keep (options?) open and co-operative structures - **Facilitated Session Summary** (able to be shared): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FTZhpbLtP92p-40vAjFi0n1kXeNrVFINMfDQbt5PVAw/edit# - Linked GDrive currently has **links to prelim research, interim report, and final report**. - timeline - Feb 2020, perhaps slightly before. - jutta: Have they published the RFP? - Not yet, looking to do soon - Building this collaboratively - More like "RFI"... Request for Input - patcon: field scan, pilotted tools (but from angle from we're going develop resources to adapt)... not imagining asking about how to improve - jutta: who will use...? intended functionality of platform? - scope: open still. thinking video training originally - worried about facebook and other platforms - original idea: web chat solution, embedded on centres websites. - sensitive to risk/perceptions of technology from each centre. Current amount of personal technology use: on individual phones, etc... - when using new channels, more people are showing up, need to explore those channels - One of their collective uses a web chat, felt good about it but adds new wrinkles for provider practitioner - Centres want autonomy from each other - "dashboard" to coherently show ways of reaching out - volunteers at computer? some out in the world on phones, need to explore different facets - Reflection on Political connotations: role of phoning and reaching out as an important "first step" historically, recast with new mediums - Looked at "off the shelf" models: - spoke with Kids Help Phone for advice on platforms they use - [iCarol](https://www.icarol.com/) was what they were using at time - iCarol supposed to specifically serve crisis support centres, but complaints from both KHP and coalition crisis centres - in the 3 years since research, KHP has [switched](https://www.crisistextline.ca/how-it-works) to using US-based [Crisis Text Line](https://www.crisistextline.org/), global non-profit with big data emphasis... - > a global not-for-profit organization providing free crisis intervention via SMS message - [Crisis Trends](https://crisistrends.org/) - patcon: unsure if this is in sync with centres' anti-oppressive values? - > WHAT IS LORIS.AI? Loris.ai is a for-profit subsidiary of Crisis Text Line that will sell training to companies interested in stepping up their empathy game. -- [website](https://www.crisistextline.org/faq) ## Follow Up - jutta: See whether there is alignment between what both projects are doing. Crosstalk about what could be potentially helpful for the centre and particular functions - patcon: some way to participate in crafting RFP/RPI/RPS? - jutta: could provide guidance on RFP (RFI/RFS) - patcon [aside]: interested in ongoing conversations about routing opportunities like this though a local network in more lightweight ways, if others are interested. - jutta: work of platformcoops not especially local, often distributed - jutta: IRDC can provide **advice about process** (dev teams, agile, and how it won't be abandoned) - Kim's **priorities could affect #platformcoop kit development** - NO intention to _build_, but **can help vet applicants who apply** to RFP. re: inclusiveness of design. - lately, many **agile devs** want to build with IRDC lately, and do sabbaticals - community maintenance = important. - not just tool advice, but support on **training, advice, maintenance** - #todo share task tracker when set up - #todo kim idrc intro after backlog grooming ### Actionable Items - [ ] patcon: backlog grooming with Kim Allen 2019-07-17 - [x] patcon: discuss this meeting with Kim during (offer for RFP support) - [ ] patcon: seek consent to share public task tracker with IRDC group - [x] patcon: make IRDC+Kim email intro - [ ] after IRDC+Kim meeting, schedule next Hypha+IRDC convo (if necessary) ### Upcoming Discussions - ... <!-- Links --> [template]: https://link.hypha.coop/template [meetings]: https://link.hypha.coop/meetings [calendar]: https://link.hypha.coop/calendar [gh]: https://github.com/hyphacoop/organizing [gdrive]: https://link.hypha.coop/gdrive [biz-wg]: https://link.hypha.coop/biz-wg [fin-wg]: https://link.hypha.coop/fin-wg [gov-wg]: https://link.hypha.coop/gov-wg [ops-wg]: https://link.hypha.coop/ops-wg