Memepalooza Working doc === ###### tags: `Gitcoin` ![]( # People MoonshotCoordinator#3544 # Objective Prototype quadratic diplomacy, a way for participants to vote on who produced the most value during a working session and be rewwarded directly. # Prize Pool 100 GTC - quadratic diplomacy directly from the votes Random sum for Q-tips test # Event details Theme: **Coordination memes** but other topics such as digital public goods, degen vs regen, open source, Quadratic Lands, maybe create some funky-fresh stuff for the Moonshot Collective, eth, coordination, slaying moloch, making the world a better place will also be accepted Participants: Open to all members of the `#🎨 mmm-general` channel Date: Tuesday, 31st August 2021 Opening Ceremony: 31-08-21, 10 EST Closing Ceremony: 31-08-21, 4 EST ![]( Logistics: 1. You need an Eth address to vote, ideally an ENS address 2. [POAP badge]( 3. A sense of humour 4. Seeking coordinator(s) to encourage memeing throughout event. 10AM EST open, 4PM EST closing [Fred will coordinate and has the POAP codes] 5. Ideally have some copywriting for the event, Tweets. (Kris) [discontinued] [Quadratic Diplomacy tool walkthrough]( 1. Create Election ![]( 2. Election details. Vote allocation is amount of votes given to each person ![]( 3. Add election candidates. Use your eth address or ENS. ![]( 4. Confirm election details ![]( 5. New election is created ![]( 6. Go into the tool to vote ![]( 7. Admin can end election when its over ![]( 8. Payout ![]( ## Message sent out on #memes at 27/8 2043PM SGT **MEMEPALOOZA: A GREAT DAY FOR MEMES** Introducing a cross-workstream collaboration between MMM and Moonshot Collective. When: This Tuesday August 31, Opening Ceremony at 10am EST/ 4pm CET, going until 4PM EST/11pm CET Where: #memes channel on Discord - + audio in #hangout Come have fun and make memes with MMM and Moonshot Collective, and be early beta testers of MC's Season Zero projects and tools! Participants will have a chance to receive part of an 100GTC rewards pool, and maybe some other surprises. We'll be making 'It's all Coordination' memes as well as shirt mock-ups, along with all our other active meme themes. The event will take place in #memes but you can also come talk with us in the #hangout channel. We'll be going all day, starting with the opening ceremony in the #hangout channel (10am EST), where we will also do the closing ceremony at 4PM EST. It's going to be pretty loose - we just want to make lots of memes (maybe even some with added spice? But not too much spice, you know, very professional memelords here) This isn't a contest, it's a collaboration - the memes we create will be used to coordinate across MMM, MC, the entire Gitcoin DAO, social media, and the World! Calendar link here: [](