# Asian Games, Woo-seok Lee and Si-hyeon Lim, First Gold Medal in Archery… Cyclist Na-reum Won Silver Medal Joo Jae-hoon, a former archery fan, won a silver medal in the compound mixed event, and North Korean boxer Bang Cheol-mi defeated a Chinese athlete to win the gold medal... ‘Five years ago’ ‘Archery Korea’ started its gold medal march. Lee Woo-seok (Kolon) and Im Si-hyeon (Korea National Sport University) defeated the pair of Takaharu Furukawa and Satsuki Noda (Japan) with a set score of 6-0 ( They defeated it 38-37 37-35 39-35). With this, Korea won its first gold medal in archery at this competition. [**카지노사이트**](https://www.oncasino.site) Archery, with 10 gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, is a sport that is expected to provide a great boost to Korea's competition for second place in the medal rankings at the end of the Games. In addition, Woo-seok Lee won his first Asian Games gold medal, following two silver medals in the men's team and individual events at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. Im Si-hyeon, the youngest member of the women's team who became a member of the national team for the first time this year, also won her first Asian Games gold medal and is aiming for multiple gold medals in the women's team and individual competitions. Korea failed to win a prize at the 2018 Jakarta Games, when this event was first introduced, and the country that won at that time was Korea's opponent in the final that day, Japan. There was one more silver medal in archery. Joo Jae-hoon (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power) and So Chae-won (Hyundai Mobis) lost 158-159 to India's Oyas Praveen Deotale and Jyoti Surekha Bennam in the final of the compound mixed team event. In particular, [Joo Jae-hoon](https://app.simplenote.com/p/R3FdSq) is a former archery fan and has a 'unique career' as a police officer for Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. He took leave from his company and came to Hangzhou to challenge for the gold medal in the men's team event and advanced to the bronze medal match in the individual event. On this day, Na-reum (Samyangsa) won the silver medal by a narrow margin in the women's individual road cycling event held at Jesou Sports Center in Chunan. On this day, Na-reum passed the 139.7 km section in 3 hours, 36 minutes and 07 seconds, crossing the finish line second fastest out of 33 people. She crossed the finish line almost at the same time as Hong Kong's Yang Chen-yu, but the gold medal ultimately went to Yang Chen-yu. Na Areum, who won the road solo in Incheon in 2014 and the individual road race in Jakarta and Palembang in 2018, unfortunately lost her third consecutive gold medal hunt. Na-reum won bronze and silver medals in the Madison and individual road races at this competition. In wrestling and soft tennis, where gold medals were expected, news of bronze medals was heard. In the men's Greco-Roman wrestling 77kg class, [Kim Hyun-woo](https://alchetron.com/Tron/Mens-Basketball-Coach-Chu-Il-seung-Advance-to-the-Semifinals-5218271-UW) (Samsung Life Insurance) lost 3-9 to Amin Kavyaninejad (Iran) in the round of 16, and Ryu Han-soo (Samsung Life Insurance) attempted to win his third consecutive Asian Games title in the Greco-Roman 67kg class. He also lost to Danial Sorabi (Iran) 0-9, technical fall, in the quarterfinals. Jeong Han-jae (Suwon City Hall), who competed in the Greco-Roman 60kg class, won the bronze medal by defeating Islomon Bakkhramov (Uzbekistan) 5-4 in the bronze medal match. In soft tennis, the men and women faced Japan in the semifinals of the team event, but both lost 0-2 and won bronze medals. Japan, which reached the finals after defeating Korea, defeated Taiwan in both men's and women's competitions and won two gold medals. North Korea's Bang Cheol-mi, who competed in the women's 54kg boxing class, won the gold medal by defeating Chang Yuan (China) by a 3-2 decision in the final. Bang Cheol-mi lost to Chang Yuan by a 2-3 decision in the 51kg class final at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Games, and she was the athlete who was dissatisfied with her decision at the time and protested strongly. [Bang Cheol-mi](https://writeupcafe.com/kang-baek-ho-finally-got-my-first-hit/), who fought for revenge by defeating Chang Yuan, whom she met again after five years, was the flag bearer of the North Korean team at the opening ceremony of this tournament. As of 7:30 PM (Korean time), Korea is in third place in the medal rankings with 33 gold medals, 44 silver medals, and 67 bronze medals. First place is China with 167 gold medals, and second place is Japan with 35 gold, 50 silver, and 53 bronze medals. North Korea ranks 8th in the medal rankings with 8 gold medals.