# Fear is for the Winter ![](https://i.imgur.com/TPapiYn.png) Last year was probably my toughest year in the gym. On two different occasions I messed up my right knee pretty bad, enough to require going to rehab for six weeks. The recovery was slow and pretty painful. Of course anyone who’s ever had knee injury knows it can easily take up to a year to properly heal if you’re not a professional athlete. Without being able to push my leg workouts as hard as I wanted during the winter I quickly lost some size, down to 160 at my lowest. But thanks to my will power, work ethics and knowing how to supplement I was back up to around 172 for my on season (Spring/Summer). https://www.meetyobi.com/forums/users/eharmony/ https://www.checkmygigs.com/community/profile/mingle2/ https://ourhighestpotential.com/community/profile/mingle/ http://www.ybnsfw.us/profile/mingle/ https://wadline.com/loveawake https://leasedadspace.com/members/freedating/blog/1426570/with-slovenian-men-and-women-and-dating,-who-should-initiate/ https://leasedadspace.com/members/freedating https://qna.habr.com/user/eharmony https://www.trepup.com/okcupid/news/one-night-stand-secret/1831914 https://cars.yclas.com/user/british-girl https://liveviewsports.com/community/profile/mingle/ http://new.miamisprings.com/community/profile/mingle/ Three or four years ago I thought when it came to working out Winter was the time you relaxed, rest up and get ready to push yourself hard for Summer. It worked for a while for me but when it came time to gain lean muscle mass I’d put on six or seven pounds but found that my elbows and joints where aching from jumping up in weight I was putting up during my workouts. Basically the size was too much too fast to handle. So I came up with a plan to put on the mass and size in the late Fall through winter. With my knee healed I knew my goal would be difficult especially with a metabolism as fast as mine. I’d have to use mass/ weight gainer. I had tried to use them before in the past and usually the results where the same. Bloating followed by explosive diarrhea and finally the feeling of flushing money down the toilet, wait what. But that was years ago and after figuring out how to properly use supplements I came up with a plan. First I had to pick the right supplement weight gaining mass supplement. Most of them were about the same ranging from 700 calories to 1000 calories (with milk) per serving and 53 grams to 70 grams (milk) of protein. The trick was not to get greedy and start of taking the full amount of servings with milk in hopes of gaining faster results. If a serving was 5 scoops, I would start by taking just two scoops in water for about two weeks for my body to get used to it. After that I would increase to the full four or five scoops in one serving the following two weeks. After that I would move onto three scoops in low or none fat milk. Eventually I moved all the way to five scoops in skim milk but drank half of the serving in the morning and the second half right before my work out. In the later stage I’d drink two scoops in water right before bed. I did this for close to three months along with slowly increasing the amount of small meals I was eating throughout the day (eggs, yogurt, P&B) sandwiches. I ballooned up to 183. For someone who’s never weighed above 175 at my peak the difference is incredible. It’s just a different state of being, the mentality it takes to come back from an injury and draw up a new blue print is what motivates me. I have a new found respect for winter in the gym. Dark nights, cold air, and mostly empty. There are no hot chicks (or any chicks at all most nights) running around distracting you. Most people would rather run home to a warm house than put in that work. Right now it’s just me and a bunch of other meat heads night in and night out silently pushing our bodies to the limit. I’m pretty much going to be a freak of nature this summer. Why not? Size, it matters.