# **`EthDenver23 Brief.`** :::success `Mission`: Covering EthDenver, a leading hackathon for **ETH** devs & enthusiasts. `Goal`: Capture the energy and innovation of the event by interviewing contestants and showcasing their projects. ::: ## **`Pre{prod}`** ### Research: * Before the event, research the hackathon and its participants to identify potential interviewees and their projects. ## **`Prod{prod}`** ### Arrival: * Arrive at the event early to set up equipment and prepare for interviews. ### Interviews: * Conduct interviews with contestants, asking about their projects and their experience at the hackathon. * Be sure to get footage of the contestants working on their projects. ### B-Roll: * Capture additional footage of the event, such as the atmosphere, people working on projects, and any presentations or demonstrations. ## **`Post{prod}`** ### Edit: * Use the footage from the interviews and B-roll to create a compelling and informative video about the hackathon and its participants. * Add music and sound effects. * Add title and closing credits. * Add any lower thirds, callouts or any other graphic elements to the video * Export the final video in the desired format. ## **`Distro`** * Share the final video on social media platforms and share with the contestants, event organizers and sponsors. * Share the video on your website and other platforms. * Consider submitting the video to relevant publications for further distribution. #### `**Note** This is a high-level play book and the specifics of the production will depend on the resources and time we have available, as well as the direction we want to take with the final product.` <style> html, body, .ui-content { background-color: #333; color: #ddd; } .markdown-body h1, .markdown-body h2, .markdown-body h3, .markdown-body h4, .markdown-body h5, .markdown-body h6 { color: #ddd; } .markdown-body h1, .markdown-body h2 { border-bottom-color: #ffffff69; } .markdown-body h1 .octicon-link, .markdown-body h2 .octicon-link, .markdown-body h3 .octicon-link, .markdown-body h4 .octicon-link, .markdown-body h5 .octicon-link, .markdown-body h6 .octicon-link { color: #fff; } .markdown-body img { background-color: transparent; } .ui-toc-dropdown .nav>.active:focus>a, .ui-toc-dropdown .nav>.active:hover>a, .ui-toc-dropdown .nav>.active>a { color: white; border-left: 2px solid white; } .expand-toggle:hover, .expand-toggle:focus, .back-to-top:hover, .back-to-top:focus, .go-to-bottom:hover, .go-to-bottom:focus { color: white; } .ui-toc-dropdown { background-color: #333; } .ui-toc-label.btn { background-color: #191919; color: white; } .ui-toc-dropdown .nav>li>a:focus, .ui-toc-dropdown .nav>li>a:hover { color: white; border-left: 1px solid white; } .markdown-body blockquote { color: #bcbcbc; } .markdown-body table tr { background-color: #5f5f5f; } .markdown-body table tr:nth-child(2n) { background-color: #4f4f4f; } .markdown-body code, .markdown-body tt { color: #eee; background-color: rgba(230, 230, 230, 0.36); } a, .open-files-container li.selected a { color: #5EB7E0; } </style>