Friday's Call === ###### tags: `Friday` `MG` :::info - **Location:** Townhall - **Date:** FEB24, 2023 5:00 PM (UTC) - **Agenda** 1. Intro `15min` 2. Speaker #1 `30min` 3. Speaker #2 `30min` 4. Speaker #3 `30min` - **Participants:** - Nick (Factory Dao) - Zach (Coordinape) - Anna (Refi spring) - Player (MG) ::: ## FactoryDAO > [name=Nick] --- FactoryDAO leads the DAO wave with an extensive suite of dApps for building sustainable, decentralised organisations. Building no-code, modular infrastructure, allowing anyone to launch a DAO. ## Coordinape > [name=Zach] --- Coordinape is reimagining collaboration and helping teams build connections, ownership, and reputation in the digital economy. Currently, free to use. ## Refi Spring > [name=Anna] --- Fundamentally, the ReFi movement calls us to rethink how to create and build regenerative economic systems. Web3 tools and technologies can serve as the infrastructure for coordinating to solve the largest problems of our time, which are planetary in scale, but manifest themselves in local, scattered ways (think of climate change, biodiversity loss, economic inequality, and epidemics) This flourishing movement is composed of people, projects and ideas whose aim is to utilize these technologies to support the regeneration of our shared biome.