# Statbus Deprecation and Migration There's been some confusion, so I wanted to put down some words about it in one place. **[Legacy Statbus](https://sb.atlantaned.space/)** is the project living at `sb.atlantaned.space`. This codebase is old and outdated, and no longer receiving regular updates. It can be readily identified by the red navigation bar. **[Statbus](https://atlantaned.space/)** is the project living at `atlantaned.space`. This codebase is much newer and is being actively maintained. Functionality from Legacy Statbus is being migrated piece by piece, with a focus on administrative functions (e.g. bans, tickets, notes & messages) first. As these modules are implemented on Statbus, I'll be disabling them on Legacy Statbus and adding redirects to the modules on Statbus. Statbus is functionally more complete and useful. It should be preferred wherever possible over Statbus. **Modules to be migrated** Rounds Deaths Stats (WIP) Library Art Gallery Polls **Modules already migrated** Tickets Public Tickets Notes & Messages Bans Admin Activity (WIP) Admin Rank Change Log Also check out the [Statbus todo list](https://hackmd.io/@nfreader/Bkt7OvNDO) and the [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/statbus). ## Module Notes ### The Art Gallery The gallery has been blocking a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks due to how I've been re-implmenting it. The version on Legacy Statbus uses jQuery to handle art votes via an ajax call to the server. This is fine and it works great, but I wanted to use this as a learning opportunity. To that end, the new gallery is implemented as a [vue](https://v3.vuejs.org) application. It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with where things are for now.