# Ned's Statbus todo list In addition to [migrating functionality from Legacy Statbus](https://hackmd.io/@nfreader/By1MgKuu_): ## Quick tasks - [ ] Link to public ban appeals on TG - [ ] Global ticket listing in TGDB ## Achievement Leaderboards and per-player pages An ongoing request. ## Library + Gallery Enhancements * Allow admins to delete gallery items on Statbus * Export deleted items so that they can be delete en-masse in game * A better viewing experience (lightbox) * Add an API endpoint for painting ratings. Ned to poll the database for all ratings for a given painting hash and average them out. Shouldn't be too hard. * Per-painting hash * Per-server ratings ## Achievements * Leaderboards * Individual player pages ([sort of implemented](https://sb.atlantaned.space/player/shaps)) ## Appeals System Proof of Concept Quickly, before MSO does it first. * A test installation of Statbus that lets users generate bans (EXCLUSIVE TO STATBUS) that can be used to test appeals * Still ned to work out all the details, i.e. how much of the existing format neds to be brought over? In brief: Appeals function like a Github comment thread. The banned person creates their appeal, and admins + anyone who was online at the time of the ban* may post in the thread. Appeals can be denied/accepted etc, but *this does not affect the actual ban on TG*. All appeals are publicly viewable. \* We track this data already :::info This is underway on [a separate branch](https://github.com/nfreader/banbus/tree/test)! ::: ## Admin Candidate Training Checklist An interest in this has been expressed in moving this into tgdb. ## Code Stuff ### Server data This could/should be refactored into something that happens when the server list is instantiated from the settings file. ### Template-only actions Add a generic action that can render a template with an argument specified on the route. ### Look into a new router + prefix/subdomain support So we can set up something like `https://atlantaned.space/round/12345/json` for a json response or `https://api.atlantaned.space/round/12345`. ---- ### PS Check out [Statbus on Patreon](https://patreon.com/statbus)!