Setting up the measureme crate ============================== List of things that came up while trying to set up an out-of-tree rustc crate * Need to select readme and license while creating the GH project * Can I use something from the dropdown? => Seems like it's better not to and copy the license files from rust-lang/rust * Same for .gitignore file? * How do I make the project owned by a team? * Clicking "Settings" gives me 404? :/ * Now it works... * (GH was having availability issues during this time) * Go to `Settings > Collaborators & Teams` * Add `Core` and `Compiler` team with `admin`, `assignees` with `read`. Right? Others? * What about individuals that are not part of a team? * Adding required files * LICENSE-MIT * LICENSE-APACHE * * What about other files? * COPYRIGHT * (seems specific to the main repo) * Write a minimal readme: > - Specify that the crate is maintained by the Rust compiler team and any appropriate working groups. - In particular, this should detail the expected level of maintenance and stability for any prospective users. - This should also link to the working group details in this repository. * Missing infrastructure - No idea how to set it up * highfive * bors * Which labels need to be set up? Does this have to be done manually? * Continous Integration * travis * travis is already configured at the organization level * all you need to get travis to run is to add a `.travis.yml` file to the repo root * sample contents: * ```yaml language=rust rust: - stable ``` * TODO: > Consult with the infrastructure team to set up `@bors` and `@rust-highfive` and a process for publishing under the "The Rust Project Developers" account.'